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What type of car are you supposed to buy? | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

What type of car are you supposed to buy?

Buy a CarBuying a car is a big decision and perhaps the most important aspect to consider is the kind or style of vehicle to buy.

Personal circumstances play a key role in deciding on which type to buy, as well as whether to buy a new or used car. On-going costs for upkeep and repair as well as looking at the day-to-day issues of fuel consumption and car tax cost are also important considerations.

If not buying a new car, it is important to think about any repairs that may be needed. As car companies are bought and sold over time, the availability of spare parts is something to look into. If it is difficult to source automobile parts and tools for your classic car dream purchase, then it would be wise to look for something that is going to spend less time in the garage when it breaks down.

Anyone with children will be thinking about the number of seats required. An MPV offers lots of room as well as often being able to configure the seating arrangement to enable the family to travel with maximum comfort. They often aren’t the most seductive of designed cars but are roomy and good for growing families.

The 4×4 has always been a vehicle designed for off-road use, but in recent years has also become a statement purchase. For anyone with a rural lifestyle, the 4×4 is a strong consideration. Anyone in a city will need to carefully consider the fuel costs and possible parking issues due to their size.

For speed and appearance, the coupe or performance car turns heads. The range of 2-door models can now fit almost all budgets and are a popular choice with those wanting to impress. Size can be the deciding factor though as models are often short on back-seat space.

Compact ‘city cars’ are popular with those who want to move around densely populated areas. Often much more easy on the budget in relation to car tax and fuel costs, they are often marketed with more of an environmental message, which is the appeal to many consumers nowadays. These models may not be a good choice for those with lots of motorway trips, as speed is often not a top feature of this kind of car.

Whatever the type or size chosen, automobile safety is a key consideration. Cars have a rating provided by Euro NCAP – the higher the rating, the safer the car has been tested to be.

The burgeoning new and used car market in the UK means that there is plenty of choice, so the message is to fit the car to the lifestyle as well as the pocket and to look around until the model is found that ticks all the boxes.

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Published on: July 2, 2013

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