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Toyota Presents New Prius C at 2012 NAIAS | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Toyota Presents New Prius C at 2012 NAIAS

Toyota is bringing out some of the best cars that they have under their belt and therefore the company has decided to bring out the new Prius C at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. This will be for the first time that the car will be present at any auto show that is happening and Toyota is sure that this is the right time to make the debut. Toyota Motor Sales is sure that the dynamically styled five door hatchback will certainly make good impression on the consumers who can go ahead and buy this car when it will be launched in March 2012.

Toyota revealed that the C in Prius C stands for City and therefore the car is designed for urban car drivers who need small compact car that can move nicely on the roads but at the same time provide more productivity and offer exceptional fuel economy. Toyota has said that the car offers fuel economy of 53 mpg which is the highest fuel economy provided by any urban vehicle that is available in the market. The all new Prius C will join the Prius family. The company also said that the Prius brand has definitely become popular in many parts of the world as it is one of the premier eco-vehicle brands.

Toyota also revealed that the new Toyota Prius C definitely has some better features compare to the earlier Prius models that are already available in the market. The new Prius C looks young and dynamic and it definitely has a better fuel economy compare to the earlier models. It also has good powertrain that provides better incar technology. Toyota has incorporated many features to the car that makes the car easy to drive through traffic. The company also mentioned that it will be one of the most affordable Prius model in the family because they are going to put the price at around $19000 even though it has premium technology. The car will also have 3.5 inch full color TFT multi-touch display, hands-free phone capability and USB port with iPod connectivity for consumers.

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