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The Cars of Yesteryear | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

The Cars of Yesteryear

With the hundreds of new entries into the car market every year the pages of auto blogs and magazines can be filled with reviews and stats and performance numbers and still not find every make and model covered. It is surprising despite the vastly improved technology of the modern auto industry that every discussion ultimately turns to the classic cars of years gone by. Though this nostalgia is often misplaced with phrases like “they don’t make cars of that quality anymore” (actually a true statement as the cars manufactured today are superior in virtually every way – 30 and 40 years ago a car with 100,000 miles was something to talk about and today it is so commonplace as to be unworthy of mention) there is no denying the look and lines of the old classics hold a special place in our hearts.

Buying a performance car today is as simple as a trip to virtually any auto dealership. Every manufacturer has a model they include as a sport or performance model. It is up to the consumer to determine whether 0-60 in 8 seconds is actually a performance car or not. Buying a classic performance car is not as easy. Between the ravages of time and rust on metal and the lack of manufacturer parts and in some cases even lack of a manufacturer anymore, buying classic cars is expensive and includes time consuming wide ranging searches.

classic cars

Many people have resorted to doing the remodeling and restoration of older autos as a labor of love. This is not just the ’57 Chevy models either. Even the imports like the Honda’s of the 90’s now fall well into the category of restoration projects by motivated car owners with the added benefit of some still available parts and sheet metal from junk yards if not the manufacturer. It is more common to update and improve these later models as part of the project with non-stock accessories like headers, a new ECM chip, and sound systems that would fit equally as well in a dance club as the small confines of a sporty hatchback.

To get engaged in this hobby some small technical knowledge is a plus. Just as the middle aged back yard mechanics are perplexed by the intricacies of fuel injection the newer version of car tuners are apt to be thoroughly confused by the mechanics of a 4 barrel carburetor. Fortunately with the internet and YouTube videos there are few problems not easily solved at home. A quality tool box filled with an assortment of tools and a laptop to watch a video tutorial on will suffice in most instances.

As always, garage space is big help and some mechanics clothes or coveralls like the ones at ebrookes will go a long way to making the project not only look good, but make the YouTube videos you post of yourself doing the project have a bit more class and professional look. Since classic cars are all about appearance, that is a consideration after all.

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