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Have You Checked if Your Semi Truck Headlights Are Still Good? | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Have You Checked if Your Semi Truck Headlights Are Still Good?

If you’re doing a considerable amount of nighttime driving, you need to be sure your semi truck headlights are powerful enough to keep you visible and provide you with the maximum field of vision. Whether you need to replace a lightbulb and adjust your headlights or pick up the latest Freightliner century headlights, take time to check out your headlights and follow these steps to prepare your rig the right way.

Truck Headlights

Replace Your Lightbulbs

While a missing headlight may seem like an obvious issue, some trucks have so many running lights that it may not be clear from your cab that it’s missing. Don’t let a missing bulb put you at risk. Frequently check your lights to make sure all your safety lights, your high beams and your turn signals are all working properly. If not, find a replacement bulb that fits your hardware and swap it out before your next drive.

Halogen bulbs are inexpensive and common in semi trucks. However, LED bulbs operate at a cooler temperature and provide more light for a longer lifetime. If your headlights are compatible with LED bulbs, consider upgrading for a worthwhile investment and improved visibility.

Adjust Your Headlights

Just because all your bulbs are working properly doesn’t mean that your truck has full visibility. Replacing your Peterbilt headlights or too much jostling on the road can affect the positioning of your headlights.

To readjust your headlights, you’ll need to have a light-colored wall and a flat surface. Park at least 25 feet from the wall. When you turn your lights on, they should be evenly spaced on the wall. Measure the height of your truck’s headlight assemblies, and measure to see if the beams are a similar height on the wall you’re facing.

If one or both of your headlights need adjustment, simply open your hood and find the vertical and horizontal aim adjustment points. These adjusters can be very sensitive, so make minor adjustments at a time until you’re happy with the angle of your headlight beams.

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Add Safety Lights to Your Truck

From mud flaps to side mirrors, there are plenty of places where you can add safety lighting to improve the visibility of your truck. While your headlights and turn signals are the most important lights to check, do a quick inspection of the rest of your truck to see if you need replacement safety lights.

While you’re looking, consider any spots where you could use additional lighting. LED safety lights are inexpensive and are a great way to keep visible during nighttime driving or driving through a storm.

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Upgrade Your Headlights Today

Finally, it may be time to simply replace your entire headlight. If you’re tired of replacing halogen bulbs or you have a cracked headlight cover, upgrade your semi truck headlights to the latest LED styles. From round to rectangular, select the best option for your truck and enjoy the best prices for Iowa 80 semi truck parts. Enjoy high-visibility headlights that last longer and power through any rain, snow or fog and keep your truck safe.

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Published on: October 15, 2019

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