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Are These The Rudest Number Plates Out There? | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Are These The Rudest Number Plates Out There?

There is no denying that many of us like nothing more than having a chuckle at something that could be seen as a little bit on the rude side. Imagine if we take a little bit of smut and have it on our car? Well, we guess that already exists with car stickers, but what if we could add something that is a little more permanent.

The idea of a “rude” number plate might be something that appeals to some of us, but the DVLA definitely wants to make sure that the rudeness is a low a level as possible.

Number Plates

So much so, that they will not allow for any number plates in the UK to make reference to any body parts. This comes along with any other number plates that are thought to be likely to cause offence. Not only does this cover naughty phrases, but also those that could be seen as racist, political or perhaps even religious in their nature.

Number plates are checked by a person, not just a machine and there are actually meetings twice a year whereby any potentially offensive number plates can be identified and weeded out. Despite this meeting, that doesn’t mean that there are not some slightly smutty number plates out there.

The “69” plate

The newest number plate to the block when it comes to rudeness is the 69 plate. These are available for cars that are registered between September 2019 and February 2020 and are already starting to create some smutty number plates that are proving popular.

These plates are up for sale and will cost anywhere in the region of up to £499, however, when you look at some of the plates that are available, we are sure that you will think it is worth every penny.

  • BJ69 HED
  • ME69 LOL
  • ME69 GAG
  • BG69 WLY
  • ME69 PSE
  • LVE 69 JZZ

These number plates might make you chuckle and they might have been deemed suitable for release into the general public, but they are still rude in nature and could cause someone some offence.

That said, we think that they are pretty funny and we really like the fact that if you are someone who had a slightly crude sense of humour then these number plates are definitely going to appeal to you.

So, why not treat yourself to a risque number plate? Not only is it great fun but it is also sure to raise a few smiles when you drive yourself round town.

Thinking about buying yourself a rude number plate? Why not check out number plate finance and see if that is the right option for you? It can help you to not only be able to afford your ideal number plate, but also to spread the cost out over a longer period of time too.

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Published on: August 5, 2019

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