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Renault Megane Renaultsport | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Renault Megane Renaultsport

The Renault Megan has always had interesting looks and for the most part good looks too, but the Renault Megan Renaultsport will beat them all on the beauty parade; with its new body kit and coupe lines it really is a great looking car. But they say that beauty is just skin deep, so does the Megan Renaultsport’s beauty go deeper than its initial aesthetic appeal or is it all window dressing?

First let’s take a look at what is going on under the bonnet. In fact there seems to be quite a lot. The 2.0 litre turbocharged engine delivers a very healthy 250 bhp and with its six speed gearbox the 0 to 62 mph acceleration time is a startling 6.1 seconds. Keep your pedal to the metal and before long you will hit the limiter at the maximum speed of 156 mph. No complaints there then.

Next we will consider the handling. Here things get just a tad more complicated as there are two different chassis choices and although the differences between them are quite subtle, they are distinct. The Cup chassis is the more comfortable version and the sports chassis has stiffer suspension which almost eliminates body roll. Both have very precise steering, excellent brakes and dynamic management, which is an electronic safety resource which allows the driver to essentially dial in the amount of electronic stability control he or she requires.

Comfort levels are good and the sports seats provide additional support which can be a welcome feature if your intention is to put this car through its paces. Perhaps this is not the most practical of the Megane models, but there is still plenty of load capacity with the rear seats folded down.

Renault claims that the average fuel consumption is 34 mpg, but of course that depends on the amount of the available 250 bhp you wish to use.

Overall this is an excellent offering from Renault; a real driver’s car with a great deal of style. If you are looking to buy a second hand Renault Megane head over to Browse the top quality used cars for sale on the site and find your favourite model.

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Published on: December 7, 2011

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