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Hybrid Cars Have Moved on…..Have You? | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Hybrid Cars Have Moved on…..Have You?

Hardly a day goes past without a news story warning us of global warming, poor air quality in our cities or the effects that car fumes are having on us all. Not a year goes by that the cost of fuel doesn’t increase either! So, where is this all set to end?

Despite the constant environmental warning reminders, none of us want to give up our cherished cars. Cars do more than just get us from A to B in a way that public transport or cycling ever could; they are objects of desire, they are part of the family, they are part of us!

Nobody has ever looked particularly cool sat on a bus, so it is little wonder why so much time and money over the last ten years has been ploughed into the technology behind hybrid vehicles.

Alter your pre-conceptions

Before you consider the benefits of buying a hybrid car, you must first dispel those old myths and prejudices that you probably hold and accept that the most prestigious car manufacturers are firmly behind the emerging hybrid car technology that exists today. A modern Lexus hybrid technology does not handle like milk floats and sounds like loud fridges for the simple reason that you wouldn’t drive one and neither would anyone else!

Taking a look at the top end of the hybrid market leads us inevitably to the latest offerings from They are fully hybrid cars which mean that they run on a silent electric motor for lower speeds, but once ‘the foot goes down’ the petrol engine kicks in to life and provides the necessary power. If you are unconvinced by this, I challenge you to take a look at how quickly one of those things can travel from 0 – 60mph.

Say Goodbye to Charging Inconveniences

The fuel efficiency is what you would expect from a hybrid car too, given that a lot of your driving is likely to be in silent electric mode. Have you see those little pillars next to the sides of some roads in one or two big cities that you plug your electric cars into for charging purposes? Well, you won’t need one of those any longer. The electric motor is powered by harnessing the energy that would otherwise be wasted every time you apply the brakes to the car.

Don’t let your own prejudice blind you to the emerging hybrid technology, take a chance on the future!

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Published on: December 7, 2012

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