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General information about road traffic accidents: precautions to take | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

General information about road traffic accidents: precautions to take

We are all aware of the dangers involved with driving. A fast, heavy car bearing down the motorway at high speeds is always going to be at risk of the unforeseen. We are all susceptible to road traffic accidents and can only remain vigilant in an attempt to avert catastrophe. We should never get complacent that we may have been lucky in our driving lives as this can be the time we expose our vulnerability. We must take all due precautions in order to prevent disaster. The Department for Transport discovered that in 2009 the amount of car drivers wearing seat belts was 95%. This is a high figure but nevertheless, it’s alarming that 5% of driver neglect to wear their seatbelts despite all the warnings. This 5% put themselves in a far greater risk category due to their complacency.

The percentage of front seat passengers wearing seat belts decreased from 96% to 95% in 2009. An adult passenger must take full accountability for wearing a seat belt and should never presume they are somehow at less of a risk. This could be due to inexperience of being in a vehicle or just general carelessness. Mobile phone usage saw a similar rise in 2009 increasing from 1.1% to 1.4%. This can only be put down to increased mobile phone usage as drivers have been made fully aware of the risks and penalties of doing so. Operating a mobile is a real distraction as the mind is not fully focused on the road.

Photo by +++CoolValley+++

There has been an increase in the number of drivers using hands free kits but the sensory distraction of making any phone call at all seems to great a risk to take. Due to powerful advertising campaigns we are all aware of the danger associated with driving. There’s no excuse for indulging in distractions or carelessness. Drink driving and mobile phone use should all become less prevalent due our knowledge of the disastrous consequences.

Despite the warning signs there are still lots of road traffic accidents. If you are looking to discuss compensation claims for car accidents with a professional solicitor then visit for more information.

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