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Superior Interior Drives Pacifica Success

Everyone is talking about the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, not because of the hilarious commercial spots, but because of the interior features.

The interior of the Pacifica, which is replacing the Town & Country, is considered spacious and comfortable by almost everyone who has reviewed it so far. The upholstery is clean looking and feels great. But what really makes the interior stand out for this minivan is the simplicity of dials and buttons to control not just the climate, but audio and more. Continue Reading

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Georgia debut by Camp Jeep at 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show

March 26, 2014 • Autos News, Chrysler • Views: 15200

Yes you heard it right! This spring season is happening as Camp Jeep is being introduced at 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show in Georgia. This is one of the new models which will be showcased by Chrysler Group LLC. The fascinating looks, unique style, amazing off road experience and loads of fun

Detroit Auto Show and iconic 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan – Review

January 28, 2014 • Autos Reviews, Chrysler • Views: 2673

13th of January was a great day for Chrysler in Detroit Auto Show especially with its bid to reclaim its global auto space. The emergence of 2015 Chrysler 200 Sedan with its attractive design is a proof of the company’s plan to fill the lacuna left by its predecessor. Built based on architecture

2013 Chrysler Town & Country – Drive a Pleasure

July 24, 2013 • Autos Reviews, Chrysler • Views: 2088

If you want to buy a minivan to go out with your family and friends for long vacations and you are in search of a vehicle that has all the latest features and safety aspects that you are looking for, then you can also have a look at the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country. It …

The New Chrysler 300 – A Model to Fit Every Style

May 19, 2013 • Chrysler • Views: 2434

Ranked number two in Affordable Large Cars by U.S. News, the 2013 Chrysler 300 is both a family and luxury vehicle. With an MSRP starting at $36,145 and a highway MPG of 31 (city MPG 19), it is sure to impress those in the luxury sedan market. The technologically advanced 300 series includes the

“Fast & Furious” Combines Efforts with Chrysler Group

May 19, 2013 • Chrysler • Views: 2193

With the newest installment of the “Fast and Furious” series being released, and expected to be a blockbuster hit this summer, the race started early on to see who would get to highlight their brand and models in the new film. Product placement is always important in today’s marketing and