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Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9 Review

The much desired Aston Martin is a British luxury marquee & has recently hit hard the Indian automobile markets with its spanking new Aston Martin DB9 Coupe together with a few other models. Aston Martin DB9 was launched in the opening quarter this year. Furthermore, it has by now started to heighten the company’s sales due to the high class exterior, the potent engine and enormously comfy interiors. The DB9 was formerly only but a dream for millions of Indians, but now we see that dream finally coming true as the company is trying to set up its realm in this country.

Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DB9 is the same automobile that was showcased in Casino Royal, The James Bond starrer! You will undoubtedly swell with pride to possess the new DB9! This head turner’s completely worth the buy thanks to its powerful style statement and potent engine that gives this car the essential wings so it can fly when on road. The show stunner is certain to take spectators by shock with its breathtaking appealing appearance and the resident with its level of comfort.

The lengthened 2 winged symbol coupe will now be wavering swords with the BMW 6 series, the Audi A8 & the Audi R8.

Specification & Engine

This new edition of Aston Martin DB9 is set apart through a power packed 48-valves, V12 – 5935 cc petrol engine. The engine offers outstanding power of approx 470 bhp @ 6000 rpm together with critical torque of approx 600 Nm @5000 rpm. The machine has a six speed gearbox (manual) or Touchtronic two 6 speed gearboxes amid an electronic shift-by-wire controlling system.


The captivating DB9 coupe has been bestowed with forceful and tough exteriors that drive people wild over its delicately tuned design! In the front it’s an archetypal Aston form with an extending nose along with the aggressive headlights that greet onlookers. There’s a broad grille with the horizontal planks with the emblem of Aston conceitedly sitting at the hood’s edge. The curves & lines are marvelously carved on top the latest DB9 coupe. The glitzy coupe comes with 19” alloy wheels & 20 spokes- with a diamond design.


The Aston Martin DB9 interior goes with the exciting exteriors. The finest-in-class cabin will give a bold stare to all its Germany made counterparts with the extraordinarily comfortable and deluxe interiors. Once you step into the car, you’ll obtain the sense of what precisely royal interiors denote with its steering wheel that gets the utmost points within the car.

Convenience & Comfort

This beauty cum beast is overloaded with plentiful of well-situated features not counting the swish comfort that it offers. These includes the AC with twin climate control options, the power windows, the rear defogger that helps while you reverse, the controls resting on the modifiable steering wheel, the dash incorporated DVD system! If you’re looking for more- then there’s the tinted glasses, the leather seats, electric doors on both the sides, the AC vents in the rear, the auto viper plus auto headlamps. The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable and the leather seats are added as handy features. Don’t forget the remotely handy central locking, the fuel filler plus the trunk.


It’s a soaring performer and capable of taking on the heat when it comes to rivals. It reaches from a 0 to a whooping 100 kmph approx in an extraordinary 4.8 secs and can nick top speeds of about 306 kmph. The Aston martin DB9 gets its feat further boosted by smooth shifting for gears and an admirable handling.


The DB9 has taken complete care to guarantee that the lodgers in the 4-seater are sheltered lest there’s any fatal surprise waiting on road. The shelter features take account of two seat belts – rear passengers, eight airbags, traction control & parking sensors. Fog lamps have also been incorporated which increase the driver’s visibility in foggy conditions. Furthermore, there’s an ABS (i.e. Antilock Breaking System) amid EBD (i.e. Electronic Break force Distribution system) with ESP (i.e. Electronic Stability Program) meant for some excessive braking during any emergency.


A 5.0 kmpl inside the city whereas an 8.0 kmpl on the highway.


The seats at the rear have fairly lesser space in comparison to ones at the front. Furthermore, this auto gives up on performance to the other exotic automobiles in this segment. The backseats haven’t been given too much appeal, there are no armrests and the rear seats aren’t foldable. Horrifically, the navigation systems are terrible.

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