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Cargo of Massive Proportions: 3 Things That Can Lead to a Logging Truck Accident | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Cargo of Massive Proportions: 3 Things That Can Lead to a Logging Truck Accident

Timber harvesting remains a big industry in the United States today. Drivers often find themselves riding side by side with a logging truck on the highway. In addition, they may encounter these over-sized vehicles on smaller roads in the city or a rural area where they live. These trucks are easily identified by their cargo, weight, and size, leading them to strike fear in the hearts of many on the road today.

An accident with one of these vehicles tends to come with devastating consequences. In fact, some individuals don’t survive a collision with a logging truck, as their injuries are more than they can overcome. For this reason, drivers must remain vigilant whenever they find themselves sharing the road with a logging truck. What are some common causes of accidents involving logging trucks?

Truck Accident Lawyer

Improper Loading

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration functions to keep all drivers on the road safe. To achieve this goal, they have put strict rules into place with regard to how logs are secured on one of these vehicles. The truck driver remains responsible for ensuring all guidelines for securement are followed with each load they carry. A failure to do so could lead to the truck rolling over during a turn. In addition, the logs could fall off of the trailer onto another vehicle harming the occupants of that car or truck. Another concern involves logs falling into the roadway and creating a hazard for all drivers.

As the logs are very large and heavy, even if only one falls off the truck, it can lead to a significant amount of damage in a short period of time. Any person who has been injured by an accident involving a logging truck should speak with a Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyer to seek the appropriate compensation while ensuring their rights remain protected throughout the claims process.

The attorney becomes of great help in finding out what went wrong and exactly why the accident occurred. This becomes of importance as the case moves forward. In the event the other driver’s insurance company tries to settle the case before it makes its way to court, the evidence gathered by the attorney typically leads to a larger settlement. If the case does make it to court, the jury wants to see the evidence to know who to hold accountable. The attorney helps the client gather the information needed to prove their case.

Improper Maintenance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires truck drivers and all motor carriers to inspect their vehicles regularly and make any necessary repairs without delay. A failure to do so could result in steering issues, a tire malfunction, brake failure, or another equipment issue. When the problem arises while the truck is out on the road, an accident may occur and lead to injuries or death on the part of the truck driver or another individual involved in the accident. When this is the case, numerous parties may be held responsible in a court of law.

For example, in addition to the driver being charged with the accident, the victim might find the trucking company can also be sued. If it is determined the equipment malfunction falls on the manufacturer of the truck, this company may be named in any lawsuits, and the same holds true for the company responsible for maintaining the vehicles. It could even be the fault of the company that makes the devices used to secure the logs on the truck. An experienced attorney reconstructs the accident to determine who may be held liable for the victim’s injuries and pursues compensation from the appropriate parties.

Driver Error

Humans make mistakes. Driver fatigue could lead to an accident on the road, and drivers must follow hours of service rules to reduce the risk of this happening. A tired driver is more likely to be inattentive while out on the road, their reactions may be delayed as a result of their lack of sleep, or they could actually doze off while behind the wheel.

Companies often encourage drivers to stay on the road as long as possible to maximize their profits. They may also suggest to their drivers to go above the posted speed limit to get more work done in fewer hours. The driver does so in an effort to keep their job only to cause an accident because they were tired and speeding. However, fatigue serves as only one example of driver error. There are numerous others.
Certain drivers choose to rely on drugs to stay awake when on the road, and this drug use could lead to an accident. A failure to check blind spots before changing lanes could result in the logging truck hitting another vehicle and causing injuries to the vehicle’s occupants, or the driver might take a turn too fast and cause an accident. Depowering front brakes is another cause of accidents involving logging trucks.

A lack of training means the driver doesn’t know how to handle all situations when behind the wheel of this massive vehicle. The driver might not know which things to look out for that could result in an accident. They may not receive training in defensive driving or driving technique. While the driver needs to speak up if they are unsure of something involved with driving a logging truck, they may not realize there are things they don’t know. As a result, it falls on the trucking company to provide the proper training, and a failure to do so on their part could lead to the company being held liable for the accident in a court of law.

When drivers know the common causes of accidents involving logging trucks, it becomes easier to avoid situations that could lead to an accident. Every person on the road needs to drive safely and defensively at all times. Try to avoid the trucker’s blind spots, and never get too close to any over-sized vehicle. This helps to prevent an accident in the event of an equipment malfunction or the presence of a road hazard the trucker cannot avoid. Every driver must remain aware at all times while on the road.

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