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3 Signs That You’d Make A Great Mechanic | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

3 Signs That You’d Make A Great Mechanic

If you made it here, then it’s safe to assume that you absolutely adore cars. When there’s nothing more pressing happening, your mind automatically strays towards gorgeous body kits, gnashing pistons and burning rubber. With this kind of passion, have you ever thought of making a living from it? Many of us consider dropping everything and working as mechanics, but various little qualms hold us back. If you’re looking for a career change, here are some signs that you’d make a great mechanic.


First of all, you love mechanics. I’m talking about the discipline here, not the professionals! You’ll find that a lot of people love driving a high-functioning car in warm weather with the windows down. Similarly, most guys go crazy whenever a shiny new Lambo growls past. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re fit to work with cars. One tell-tale sign of a mechanic is that you get excited by all the actual maintenance. If you have to stop and stare at transmissions, always change your own air filters, and even get excited by the sight of vehicle exhaust removal equipment, then you may have the right stuff.

Another sign that you’d make a great mechanic is that you love being active, and you don’t shy away from hard graft. It’s not uncommon for people who feel trapped in a “good” desk job to get sick of it, and quit for something that gets them moving. When you’re working as a mechanic, you’ll spend a lot of it lifting heavy objects, squatting, bending over, and dashing from place to place. If you can do this for several hours every day and not feel like you’re dying of fatigue, then becoming a mechanic could be your next move. Of course, you’re not spending the whole day in a cushy, air-conditioned gym. Auto repair work isn’t usually easy. Getting your hands dirty is part of the job description. Sweating away the whole of spring and summer is also a given. If you want to be a mechanic, then you can’t be afraid of hard work!

Finally, you’re eager for growth. There are a lot of people who love the idea of working as a mechanic, but are too afraid of being stuck in a “dead end” job to pursue it. This is all due to a false conception that because you’re doing manual work, you’re not going to grow at all. This certainly isn’t true in an auto shop. Technology moves fast. A few decades ago, cars were purely mechanical. Now, there’s so many computerised engines that we might as well be driving around in giant desktops. With modern innovations like driverless cars and heads-up-displays, it’s only going to become more and more important for auto shops to evolve. As a mechanic, your job is constantly going to be changing, and opening up new challenges for you to overcome.

If you have all these traits, and you’re willing to take the paycheque, then becoming a mechanic could be a route into the career of your dreams.

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Published on: August 3, 2016

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