Why decent livestock trailers matter

We rely on transportation everyday of our lives.  Rarely in a modern day society do we walk to our destinations.  We take trains, we ride cabs, we drive cars, we jump on buses.  We depend on these forms of transport and so they need to be good, clean and reliable enough for us to depend on everyday to get us from A to B.  The same theory applies when talking about transportation for animals which is why we need to choose the best possible livestock trailers.

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Livestock trailers are unpowered trailers that are pulled behind moving vehicles.  Like most forms of transport however, they need to meet with certain rules and regulations for instance EU regulations.  EU regulations on the protection of animals during transport came into act on the 5th January 2007, and applied to all those travelling with animals for trade or business.  EU regulations for trailers vary (due to the weight of that species) as well as the durations at which one can drive differs depending on the animal (allowing sufficient resting periods depending on the journey length).

The livestock trailers ought to provide sufficient lighting, floor space and height for their animal.  The space provided needs to be appropriate with the size and specie of the vertebrate as well as having adjustable vents, access to drinking water and adequate suspension in order for the animals to be comfortable during the duration of their journey.

Livestock trailers are important as for many livestock is their form of livelihood and so they need to make sure that their money is being taken care of.  For instance, a farmer will spend a lot of time and money making sure that they have a comfortable, clean and reliable form of transport for their animals i.e. quality sheep trailers.  These vast lengths that people go to in order to provide safe transportation for their livestock is because for many, these animals are their livelihood and therefore their livestock is very important.

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Published on: February 20, 2012

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