Volkswagen Chattanooga Accomplished 50,000 Car

Milestones are difficult to achieve but Volkswagen has made it possible as Volkswagen Chattanooga has recently completed its production milestone with the completion of 50,000 Passat. CEO and Chair of Volkswagen Chattanooga Frank Fischer said, “An incredible amount of care goes into each vehicle we produce in Chattanooga. Producing 50,000 cars at this level of quality is a huge accomplishment for our team.”

Volkswagen Chattanooga Accomplished 50,000 Car

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat is a performance oriented vehicle and it is powered by 2.5L engine that produces 170 hp.

Users of 50,000 Vehicles

The 50,000 vehicles will be provided to several customers which includes;

  • US Consumers
  • Pre-Series Cars
  • Technical Training Cars
  • Dealer Experience Cars as well as Export cars to Customers of Mexico and Canada.

Achievement of first customer car was celebrated by Volkswagen Chattanooga Team on 18th April 2011 and officially this plant was opened on 24th May 2011.

Job Opportunities at Tennessee Manufacturing Facility

Volkswagen has recently proclaimed that more employees will be required at manufacturing facility of Tennessee. Chanced are there 200 jobs will be created in this manufacturing facility.

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