What Defines Great Value For Your Car?

Great value is something that matters to us more and more as time goes on. Particularly in cars. Cars are a big financial decision for just about anyone. They’re one of the most expensive purchases we’ll ever make in our lives. Beyond that, they continue to contribute a big portion of where our money regularly goes. So what is the value of a car? Where do you look beyond the initial price tag involved? We’re going to take a look at a few of the factors that we consider key to a car’s value. Next time you’re looking for a new ride, keep some of these in mind.

Car Value

Fuel economy

We’re going to start with the big one. The cost that all auto owners need to keep reaching in their pocket for. There are ways that you can contribute to how much you spend on your fuel. However, the car itself plays the biggest role in its fuel spending. Nowadays, there are all kinds of guide on the net, like Fueleconomy, that help you measure just that. Take the MPG into account on any budget you’re putting together for a car.


When you’re talking about the efficiency of a car, however, you shouldn’t just talk about whether it’s a gas guzzler or not. You should think about how much money you might be spending on picking up the pieces. It’s just as easy to research how often cars need trips to the garage. You can also get an idea of its overall lifespan. Choose a car that can go the distance, not give up on you halfway.


Sometimes, the reliability of a car can be helped by the kind of service you get alongside it. The power of a lot of the big brands often relies on this. For Toyotas, for example, you know they tend to come with extensive services from places like Currie Motors Toyota. Other cars might just have enough of an audience that you can crowd source everything you need to know about keeping it in top shape.


Cars can be dangerous. Auto accidents are, in fact, the most common cause of accidental death. That’s why the value a car adds to your life should be influenced by how much it protects that life. Take a look at the safety features of any car you’re looking to buy closely. Technology is pushing further into electronic assistance like auto braking or parking. Before long we’ll even self-driving cars. Until then, look at which ones can protect you best.

Resale value

If you’re talking about value, then you have to talk about the actual monetary value that car will give you. The big brands tend to be some of the best at retaining value. Toyota and Honda even win awards for it. This is because there’s always a market for them. It also takes into account that all important longevity. It can even take into account what kind of person is likely to drive them. Sports car drivers aren’t known for being the most safety conscious, which is why they can depreciate fast.

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