Ultimate Behind-The-Wheel Driving Programs With BMW Vehicles For An Immersive Experience

Get ready for an ultimate driving experience that promises to deliver an incredible experience to consumers in New Jersey. Choose from over 80 vehicles with the likes of X5 xDrive50i crossover and 2014 BMW 335i. The program continues for 74 event days with eight events in 7 markets.

One of the highlights of this program are the BMW’s Teen Driving School that runs at no cost and a two-hour closed-course driving program known as the Autocross. The Teen Driving School is an addition of the BMW Teen Driving School curriculum and the 4-hour teen driving course is fully interactive. The main focus here is to work on activities and hands-on driving exercises related to driver awareness through classroom instruction for the drivers under 21 years and carrying a learner’s permit. In Autocross, the attendees get paired with professional driving instructors from BMW. The program features BMW 2 Series and 5 Series.


The Behind-The-Wheel Driving Programs is an important part of BMW’s continued effort to encourage safe driving practices.

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Published on: June 11, 2014

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