Toyota Adds Enhancements to 2013 Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser is celebrating its 60th anniversary since its launch in Japan and for more than 50 years Toyota has made sure that they provide best features and options to the consumers where they can enjoy the driving experience in Toyota Land Cruiser. Toyota is now ready to make some enhancements to the new 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser which will provide better driving experience to all the users who want to drive this iconic vehicle that has been one of the favorites for all those who need off road vehicles.

Toyota has been working hard to bring in the best enhancements for the car that they have been making for the last sixty years and therefore they have upgraded the exterior with better styling. The all new 2013 Land Cruiser is loaded with fresh exterior and therefore has upgraded front grille and HID low beams headlamps. The vehicle also has LED Daytime design which makes the car look advanced and rugged at the same time. There are character lines in the front and the car is available in seven different colors for those who are looking for a complete changeover.

Toyota has also made some changes to the interior of the vehicle and therefore the new 2013 Land Cruiser has Sandstone or Black interiors. Most of the features on the dashboard have chrome finishes and it has multi information display in the middle. The vehicle also has perforated leather trim ventilated front seats and a rear cargo deck power outlet. The all new Land Cruiser can carry eight people comfortably and provides enough space for the people.

Toyota strongly believes in making performance car and Land Cruiser has always remained one of their best performance cars. The all new Land Cruiser has 5.7 liter V8 DOHC engine that produces 381 horsepower and 401 lb feet of torque. Hence, it is one of the best towing vehicles in its class. It has six speed automatic transmission that makes the car smooth and easy to handle. Toyota has been very conscious about the construction of the vehicle and therefore it has three stages crush structure to minimize the crush effect during frontal impact. The car also has VVTi systems and KDSS system that allows smooth ride. It also has five speed CRAWL Control which makes it one of the best off road vehicles. Toyota has also incorporated some of the best safety features and systems for the safety of the driver and passengers.

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