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Auto repair service is a vital California resource. Living in the golden state’s indigenous car culture, we need our automobiles in top form. It’s often the difference between making it to work and keeping our jobs or losing them. Knowing the site of a quality auto repair service is essential to our way of life. This is a short list of the bay area’s finest auto shops. These shops have been vetted and widely recommended by serious car enthusiasts and people in the know.

1) B&W Auto Repair – 3260 26th Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110 Telephone: 415.285.2439

With thirty years in the business, there’s simply no better place to entrust your car for reliable and trustworthy service than B&W. B&W is a quick and honest one-stop shop for major auto repair. They are known throughout the bay area auto industry and beyond as a top shop filled with highly capable people. Their customer service is unparalleled. Many shops get the job done, but few have their degree of responsiveness in customer care. They are highly affordable, too. When your car goes bump in the night, you’ll want them on your side.

2) Auto Body Garage – in SOMA between Zoe St & 4th St

Among the smaller garages, Auto Body Garage on Bryant Street is one of the strong contenders. They’re efficient, responsive, and competent. Their prices are in line with the lower cost shops.

3) KSH Automotive – in the Tenderloin between Larkin St. and Polk St.

A good, efficient mechanic-run shop that will do what you need them to do. These guys are competent technicians. Prices are in range with other shops their size in the area.

4) Allied Engine & Auto Repair – also in the Tenderloin between Larkin St. and Polk St.

Another Civic Center fixture, Allied has made a name for themselves in recent years as old school mechanics that auto repair service are adept with old classics as well as new cars. They offer honest, workmanlike service.

When dealing with all auto repair shops, it’s always a good idea to look for recommendations. We’ve incorporated a range of qualifications in our choices. Honesty and competency are more important than price. What might seem like a cheap quick fix can be very costly in the long run. One should always be aware of the difference between valuable and cheap auto repairs. As always, let the driver beware.

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