Top 6 Fuel Efficient Cars 2012

With the rising prices of petrol and gasoline, the drivers are being more conscious about the vehicles which are listed as the best seller and the latest ones which give an efficient performance for less fuel. The car manufacturers are keeping this criterion on their priority to satisfy their customers and to beat various emerging models. We have arranged a list of the top 6 fuel efficient vehicles of 2012.

1. Sabaru Impreza 2012:

The Sabaru Impreza 2012 is going to set a standard for the fuel efficiency level of latest vehicles. It is put under the category of most fuel efficient cars of 2012. This model is so happening as it is lighter than its forerunners. Even though it has somewhat smaller engine, this car behaves more smoothly than the previous vehicles possessing heavy engine. Latest designed engine are build to tackle noisy performance so it gives a calm and efficient ride. The Sabaru Impreza is coming to the track this during this fall with premium upgradeable luxuries of Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats, power-moon roof and latest audio system with 6.1” touch screen.

2. Hyundai Elantra 2012:

Hyundai has presented another master piece to participate in the race of latest fuel efficient cars which facilitates emission reduction and notable fuel efficiency. The new vehicle’s durability is improved by its 6-speed transmission and less weight. It offers smooth and fast acceleration to ensure a totally new drive experience at busy roads of crowded cities. It has given a new sporty look comparatively than earlier vehicles by Hyundai. Anti-lock braking system, electronic stability, traction control and XM satellite radio are included in this latest model.

3. Toyota Prius V 2012:

Toyota’s models have made a landmark appearance in 2011 and again it is coming to give a blast. Toyota is mounting its range and upgrading Prius to Prius V Hybrid. This new version is upgraded with beautiful interior; seats are covered with softex leather available in two colors. This special leather helps to keep seating cooled down even if the outer temperature has risen to its maxim. Backup cam, 6.1” audio system+6 speakers and a totally new navigation system are also included. There are other premium features such as led lights, reversing cam and other nice things available for upgrade.

4. Kia Rio Hatchback 2012:

Credit: wikimedia

The Rio Hatchback has made its first appearance at Geneva Motor show 2011. This beautiful model is available in various gasoline and diesel powers.  Its exterior which gives a modern and incredible look has increased the value of Rio for being the fuel efficient vehicle of 2012.   Rio’s new version with a three door look is going to be unveiled before June 2012.

5. Cadillac Escalade 2012:

The new Cadillac Esclade is a nice looking vehicle though it has a giant appearance. It is manufactured at the same podium where GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe were designed. Its latest version is quite stretched and the engine in boosted to 6.2 L V8 which is strong enough to give 403 horsepower. The new Escalades will save up to 25% of fuel than the previous Escalade Hybrid ver. It can accommodate 8 people easily and can carry approx 8,000 Lbs.

6. Lexus CT 200h 2012:

Lexus’s new version is going to be revealed in March and it is built in 3 cool models, Sports, Eco and Normal. The Lexus CT 200h will give most delightful driving experience due to its 134 hp. At the busy city roads, the vehicle is going to offer 42 mpg and on highway, it will give 41 mpg. Its 3 different models differ for their output but the wonderful driving experience and fuel efficiency is promised for all of them.

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