Top 5 Winter Family Sedans

Worldwide car manufacturers are offering luxury sedans to their customers. While they have ensured the unveiled sedans have met exemplary driving standards, some sedans are more equipped than others. A major concern is the vehicles specialization to different seasons of the year such as winter and summer. The list below offers the best five sedans that can tackle ice and snow and still give you the sheer pleasure of driving with your family.

1.    2014 Chrysler 200S AWD

The iconic sedan of luxury status boasts of a V6 VVT engine of 3.6 liters that employs 24 valves for high performance. The car embodies a 9-speed automatic transmission and other high-level technologies such as the much adored UConnect 5.0 AM/FM/BT multimedia apparatus. With a standard seating capacity of five persons, the motor has enough space for a larger family.

2014 Chrysler 200S AWD

The Chrysler 200 tackles winter conditions due to its all-wheel-drive nature and clearance of 5.8ʺ from the ground at its curb weight. The price range starts at $28,925 MSRP. A family will also enjoy the interior that houses cloth/leather cushions and adjustable headrests. The model is $1500 cheaper than its counterpart the 200C AWD. Some of the safety and security features include front airbags, cross path and blind spot detection.

2.    2015 Buick Regal AWD

Buick introduced their four-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged vehicle that was received well by consumers. The model which starts at 295 lb. ft. at 3000 rpm torque and 259 horsepower at 5300 rpm has a highly attractive interior and exterior designs.

2015 Buick Regal AWD

The pricing of the model goes at $29,990 starting MSRP. The turbo-charged and all-wheel drive feature ensures a firm-footed driving control on the road during different weather conditions such as winter. The 8-way powered seat and 7-premium speaker offers comfort to the driver and the passengers. Other accessories include the automatic control on climate and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Compared to Premium 1, the Regal is much cheaper and economical on the fuel.

3.    2014 Volvo S60 T5 AWD

Going at $35,250 MSRP, the T5 AWD is a model which has the FWD T5 Drive-E and FWD T6 Drive-E sisters in the S60 family. The T5 AWD vehicle has a turbo-charged 5-cylinder engine with six-speed GAT (Geartronic Automatic Transmission). With 266 lb. ft. torque, 250 hp and a sports mode, the sedan offer a powerful and quick response in the performance to tackle snow and ice.

2014 Volvo S60 T5 AWD

This car will help reduce fuel costs due to various fuel saving technologies it has such as the regeneration at brake energy. As compared to other models in the S60 family, the Volvo T5 is cheaper by $3,750 than the 4-wheel drive T6 Drive-E model. However, it is more expensive than the T5 4-wheel drive by $1,250.

4.    2014 Subaru Impreza 5dr Auto Limited

The all-wheel drive vehicle has been ranked 10th out of about 40 affordable cars in the US through a survey carried out by US News. The model is priced at $21,537 and $23,195 for invoice and MSRP respectively.

2014 Subaru Impreza 5dr Auto Limited

Its 2-ltr H-4 engine comes with 148 hp and a torque of 145 lb. ft. that creates a powerful vehicle performance during winter.Compared to all other models of the 2014 Subaru Impreza, the 5dr limited is the most expensive but offers a higher performance. Fuel economy is at 27 mpg city and 36 mpg highway.

5.    2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD EX-L

The car has a V-6 aluminum-alloy engine with 278 hp at 6200 rpm and a torque of 252 lb-ft at 4900 rpm. The model is an enhancement of the 2WD EX-L vehicle which lacked the trademarked Real Time 4-Wheel Drive feature. Amongst the four members  of the 2014 Honda Crosstour genre, the 4WD EX-L model is the most expensive at $35,290.

2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD EX-L

With a displacement of 3471cc, the auto will offer comfort to approximately five family members. The Honda 4WD also comes with numerous accessories such as a 7-speaker audio system, back-up sensor implements and sleek interior lighting. As compared to the other members of the Honda Crosstour, the 4WD offers a four-wheel drive feature, a powerful V-6 engine and more acceleration.

Reviews indicate that the five sedans above cope properly with winter as compared to many others. However, there are other sedans that can adhere to proper road performance without noting the presence of either ice or snow.

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