Top 5 SUVs to Fit a Tight Budget

Affordability is at the top of the list for consumers when looking for a new car. This goes hand in hand with fuel efficiency, which is a major factor in determining running costs. As a result, hybrid vehicles and hatchbacks have been in high demand recently. For SUVs to compete with these smaller vehicles, car manufacturers have worked in improving their efficiency and packing more features into an affordable overall package. Even if you have less than $25,000 to spare, you can find a range of SUVs that combine luxury amenities with the space and power that SUVs are known for.

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage was recently featured on in its list of the market’s most affordable SUVs. While some SUVs are purely practical, the Sportage is also sporty and stylish with a wide range of gadgets and amenities for your money. Insurance rates are kept low thanks to top of the line safety features, including curtain side airbags and traction control. The engine is also quite powerful, which helps improve the driving experience and makes a Sportage a good investment. Prices are relatively low for this being such a well-rounded package.

Kia Sportage

Ford Kuga

When you look at the new Ford Kuga up on Carsales, you’ll notice that it’s been redesigned to offer more of the features that one would expect from a full-sized SUV. Drivers who need space and serious off-roading capabilities but who don’t want to pay a bundle for it will be drawn to the new and improved Kuga, which is also plush and comfortable on the inside. The Ford Ecoboost engine improves the Kuga’s fuel efficiency as well, to keep running costs low. The diesel engine is capable of hitting 53 mpg.


Volkswagen Tiguan

The neat, compact, and tidy Tiguan is a perennial favourite in the crossover market. Its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine gives it plenty of power and makes it fun to drive, yet this Volkswagen crossover also offers a plush interior which makes its low price surprising. It’s seen as one of the most affordable premium SUVs on the market today, and it retains a high percentage of its resale value in comparison to many competitors.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Honda CR-V

Out of all the new Honda cars for sale up on Carsales, few have attracted as much positive attention as the Honda CR-V. This family-friendly SUV has topped numerous lists as one of the most affordable and well-rounded vehicles of 2013. With a spacious interior, high-performance engine, and features like a rear view camera and Bluetooth connectivity, this SUV is a cut above the competition. It offers a high level of performance and one of the lowest five-year costs of ownership out of any SUV.


Subaru Forester

Finally, the Subaru Forester is an enduring favourite of critics and motorists alike. The new model designed for 2014 promises to offer even greater value along with improved amenities. It features an all-wheel-drive system for added safety, improved fuel economy, and even more room in the interior. Yet despite this, the sticker price still remains under $22,000.

Subaru Forester

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