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Top 10 Safest Cars for Teenagers | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Top 10 Safest Cars for Teenagers

Teenagers will desire style…on the other hand, the parents will want safety of the child. There are but a small number of family decisions that create generational standoffs like opting for a vehicle for the recently licensed teenager.

The parents are more often than not the ones that are right about this important choice. Drivers that are young, even a 20-something who’s had his/her license for maybe a couple of years, has a higher accident rate, therefore a car that is safe is vital. The problem is that it’s not easy selling that idea to your teenage daughter or son who’s looking for a frisky drive! So good luck with that!

Top Cars for Teenagers

Ford Fiesta

Cars for teenagers are mostly cheeky, cute, and more importantly a fun drive. Well, Fiesta is just That! The extensive list of customary safety equipments is what the parents will like about this vehicle. It includes electronic stability controls in addition to a driver knee airbag. The Fiesta also has an outstanding crash-test score (along with the IIHS Top Safety Pick prize), SYNC that permits voice control for cell phones plus iPods. This helps young drivers’ to keep their attention on the road. Fiesta is reasonably priced, has terrific fuel economy.

Honda Insight

The #1 killer in U.S. for teens happens to be car crashes, so it’s inspirational that this car actually encourages teens to drive easy & slow. The Insight has a video-game look-alike dash which gives +ve feedbacks. The car is designed to teach drivers to get an improved fuel economy – after all, the Insight’s a hybrid. It is an enjoyable drive, easy to park, safe, & reasonably realistic. The 2011 Insight’s new model has customary electronic stability controls. This is what makes it one of the safest cars for teenagers.

Kia Forte

Reasonably priced, stylish, yet safe, Kia Forte’s among the top cars for teenagers- one that parents & teens happily agree on!  Teenagers will dig the space in the Forte, its style, spunk, furthermore, parents will like it as it’s a safe bet, has 6 airbags, electronic stability s, antilock brakes that are all standard. It offers simple controls, a good visibility plus plainly-marked instruments that make Kia a great for all inexperienced drivers.

Kia Soul

Its way cooler than the Kia Forte, it also costs much lesser! The box-car frame of the Soul provides plenty back-seat room plus a cargo inlet that’s great for bulky items. The safety features are the same as Forte. Soul offers a 1.6 liter engine and also a 2.0 liter engine.


Teens more often than not look for simple, small hatchbacks which are easier to run & also make for a good drive. Well, the Mazda2 pretty much is that car: it’s affordable, simple & small & has air conditioning plus electronic stability controls. The straightforward controls facilitate teens to stay focused on the road; the 100 horsepower engine gives ample acceleration plus a respectable fuel economy.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Often, the lancer is overlooked because teens feel the interior looks tinny & cheap. What they don’t see is that Lancer’s got a safety recommence that will put majority of compacts to utter shame! It’s got regular electronic stability controls, driver knee airbag, with an IIHS Top Safety Pick honor. This car showcases a racy, aggressive styling.

Smart Fortwo

Study has shown that the more the digits of teen commuters in a car, the more are the odds of a mishap. Therefore, this 2-seater makes sense to most parents. The Fortwo is inexpensive, easy drive, fuel efficient, and available as a convertible. It includes all standard safety traits, which includes front, knee & side airbags, electronic stability controls, & antilock brakes.

Subaru Impreza 2.5i

The Impreza has a blend of ESC (electronic stability control) & AWD (all-wheel-drive). The AWD gives the vehicle an enhanced grip on pavements in all kinds of weather, whereas the ESC works as the electronic safety web that moves in to aid recover from slides & skids.

Toyota Corolla

The corolla is roomy, extremely safe & simple, particularly because it gives electronic stability controls as the standard equipment. It has a legendary manufacture quality & if maintained well and carefully driven, this car can last you for ages!

Volkswagen Jetta S

It’s the Jetta S base-model that we advise for teen drivers. A humble 115 horsepower engine gives enough supremacy for a secure highway merging, however not adequate for wild drag-racing. Control layout’s simple, meaning that the drive will be distraction-free, there’s excellent all-round visibility, minimizing the blind spots. It also comes with customary electronic stability controls, predictable & safe handling and offers a three year free custom maintenance.

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