What To Look Out For When Booking Your Driving Lessons

As with any purchase that you make over a certain amount of money it’s important that you think carefully of all that is involved before you ok the transaction. The general procedure is to check for reviews of the company or seller providing the goods and services, then look for reviews of the particular thing you’re purchasing and assuming you haven’t found anything that could make you reconsider the purchase, you go ahead and complete the transaction.

This process holds true for many purchases and once in particular that requires a lot of attention is booking driving lessons.

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The average cost of a driving lesson is £20 and because the average number of lessons needed to pass a driving test in the UK is currently 40, learning to drive can become an expensive endevaour with the final cost running in the thousands once you consider the cost of the test, hiring a car for the day and that’s assuming you are able to pass your driving test on your first attempt. Due to the cost of learning to drive it’s important that you think carefully about the decisions you make and to ensure that you are well equipped, we’ve put together our top tips to guide you during the process of booking your driving lessons.

Watch Out For The Introductory Offers

To attract new customers driving schools offer introductory offers to entice new learners to book their lessons with them. In general introductory offers of this nature will often be at half price of the normal lessons and in some cases a quarter of the price. Although these offers are great at getting you started what happens when the introductory offer expires?

It’s important to enquire what the cost of your driving lessons will be once you have completed your introductory offer. Many learner drivers fail to factor the cost of their lessons once the deal expires and they’ll often find themselves in a situation where they struggle to complete their driving lessons as the price has risen substantially. The driver gets to know the important road rules and tips that may help him adjust to driving in a particular region.

Reviews of The Driving Instructor

One advantage of booking your driving lessons online is that you get to check out the reviews of the potential driving schools you will be working with. Reviews really are very important and in order for you to pick a good driving school or instructor it’s important to research them thoroughly and choose a school or instructor with top reviews across a range of review websites.

The first set of reviews you can use to research the prospective school or instructor is the reviews on their own website and a good instructor would always tell you about the top driving distractions. Often the school will have a testimonials section on their site where they post the words of students who have passed with them in their past. Self hosted reviews always tend to be good as they are uploaded by the website owners themselves, however they are a good place to start as a school that doesn’t not have reviews on their website is probably on you want to avoid.

Once you’ve read the reviews on their site you should move onto the reviews about the company on third party websites as these tend to be more impartial and a more accurate description of the service they offer.

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