Tips for Customising a Motorcycle

There’s nothing like the thrill of driving a brand new motorcycle, with the wind in your hair and feeling of freedom on the open road. However, this feeling of freedom and independence can be taken a step further by customising your bike to match your personal sense of style. Why drive a bike that looks like all the other motorcycles on the road, when you can ride a unique model with your own imprint on it? Many motorcycle enthusiasts choose to customise their rides bit by bit, picking and choosing these enhancements carefully to create a one-of-a-kind look. As you get started, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Research your Options

Before you go wild with your upgrades, you’ll want to first have a look around and see what type of customisations other riders are giving their bikes. Motorcycle forums, blogs, and magazines are a good place to start. You can view other customised bikes and see ads for accessories that might catch your eye. Doing a little bit of research in advance will also help you learn more about what the pricing options look like for each accessory, so you can plan a budget. You will want to look at your owner’s manual, for easy access to the specifications that you will need for each part.

Look at Simple Upgrades

Some of the best upgrades are also the simplest. A new pair of mirrors is one example of this. Customised mirrors are both inexpensive and easy to add to your motorcycle, available in a variety of different styles and patterns. Saddlebags are another popular option. You might choose a sleek black leather design or go for fringe and studs for a cowboy western look. Saddles can also be custom designed according to your wishes and design flair, but you’ll want to be sure that these are still comfortable to ride in. Headlight and taillight housings, sissy bars, and nuts and bolts are other examples of small details that can bring your ride to life. The use of a durable and high quality battery is also important while upgrading other features of your bike and one may find the best batteries at Yuasa motorcycle batteries.

Find a Mechanic Before you Begin

If you have little experience working on motorcycles, you may need to enlist the help of a local mechanic to help you apply these details to your bike. It’s best to find someone who has experience working with your particular make and model of bike, for general repairs and maintenance as well as any customisations. Shop around for a good mechanic while you’re looking for your motorcycle. If you are interested in finding a dealer who specialises in Yamaha sales in Australia, look for a mechanic who is well versed in Yamahas at the same time and you’ll be better able to keep your new bike in top working order. Be sure to request quotes for any work that you intend to have completed, as prices for customisations may vary.

Give it a Paint Job

In addition to installing new accessories or swapping out unique parts for the originals, another way to customise your motorcycle is with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want details like flames on the side of the body or a full paint job, paint can give your bike an instant upgrade. Your mechanic may be able to offer custom painting services, or you could shop around to find a local artist for a truly unique look.

Customising your motorcycle is one of the pleasures of owning one. With a bit of planning and expert advice, you can create a real work of art.

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