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The “Tesla Model X” | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

The “Tesla Model X”

Tesla Motors have always had a clear mission, which is to create an exceptional car that not only performs with the utmost power and sophistication, but also one that will be kind to the environment at the same time.

Although Tesla have successfully built two cars already, the Model S and the Model S P85D, that strive to push the boundaries of what an electric vehicle entails, they certainly don’t want want to stop there!

With that in mind, we are going to look into Tesla’s latest vehicle, the Model X, and discover exactly what it is about this vehicle that is set to revolutionise our driving experience even more so that the previous two.

‘Safest car yet’

The Model X is set to be Tesla’s greenest car so far and was launched into the electric car market at the end of September this year.

It is an all-electric, all-wheel-drive SUV that combats the idea of building a family-friendly vehicle with the unique approach that Tesla has become renowned for. More importantly, Tesla have described the Model X as its safest car yet, with crash tests awarding it a 5-star rating.

A key point to its safety credentials is the electric powertrain and where it’s positioned under the car’s floor. As there is no engine block to compress into the passenger compartment in the event of a collision, there is a lot more space for occupants to be out of harm’s way.

Even at highway speeds, the Model X is designed to automatically apply brakes in an emergency and continuously scans its surroundings, ensuring drivers with real-time feedback and plenty of preparation for any obstacles they may face.

A unique, modern design


One of the features that make the Model X stand out so much are the falcon wing doors, and this has certainly been a major talking point since the car was first announced. There’s even an ‘auto presenting’ front door that detects your angle of approach, predicting which door you’re entering the car through.

Tesla claim that the falcon doors will give a much better access to the vehicle’s third-row seats and the design exudes class, sport and elegance.

Another one of Tesla’s Model X unusual features is the extended glass roof. It begins at the dashboard and extends all the way back to the rear spoiler – something that has never featured on a production car before. It’s clear that Tesla have really taken originality to the next level with the Model X.


Tesla take electric vehicles seriously and offer the most elegant and powerful charging system on the market.

It uses a 10 kw charger, which is a step above the 6.6 kilowatts that are commonly found in regular electric cars. The result of this means that the Model X should be able to add 30 or more miles of range per hour from a 240-volt source.

In addition, the battery pack used in the Model X (and its sister car, the Model S) makes this faster rate incredibly useful for recharging until it is full. Drivers will therefore find they have plenty of energy reserves on a daily basis, which is handy for those who regularly commute for lengthy periods of time.

Not content with just one, Tesla also offer a twin-charger that doubles the power rating to 20 kilowatts when combined with adequate amperage from home electricity service and Tesla’s High Power Wall Connector. In this instance you could pump in 60 or more miles in just an hour of charging.

Perhaps one of its best features is the free use of the Tesla Supercharger network, which enables all-electric road trips. This is strategically placed so that 120 kilowatts rapid chargers can add as much as 170 miles of range in just 30 minutes – a stroke of genius by Tesla.

Impressive performance

The Model X is expected to go from 0-60mph in less than five seconds, which is enough to beat many smaller, sleeker sports cars on the market. Tesla also strive to base their brand on a unique, thrilling and luxurious driving experience, overclocking the amount of power delivered to the wheels.

Protecting the environment

Because the Model X is an electric vehicle, fuel consumption is dramatically decreased, saving you money whilst also caring for the environment.

This is one of Tesla’s most fundamental aspects of their vehicles because they are creating not only a magnificently unique vehicle, but also one that is eco-friendly, saves you money on fuel and keeps your car cleaner throughout ownership.


Tesla is one of the most esteemed car manufacturers in the world and if you are looking to drive one of their models then you may be in luck!

At The Tilsun Group, you can find a range of lease deals for Tesla vehicles, plus many more car models, for a competitive price. Whether you are looking to lease for personal use, or you would like a fleet for your business, The Tilsun Group can certainly cater for all.

As one of the leading car leasing companies in the UK, The Tilsun Group have worked with many customers and aided them in finding the car that suits them. So don’t worry if you haven’t settled on a vehicle yet, or you need to discuss price options because with a dedicated and expert team on hand, The Tilsun Group will take you through the process and help you every step of the way.

Browse their collection today and find a vehicle that’s right for you.

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