Street Food Van trend highlighted by Van Monster

The popularity of the street food is going up since few years. The term street food has an increase of about 80 per cent in its search volume between 2014 and 2016. The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation says that according to their recent surveys, around 2.5 billion people eat food on streets in a day.

Would you like to be become a part of this growing industry? You may need to take a thorough look at the infogrpahic produced by used Ford Fiesta Vans specialist Van Monster, as it would be helpful to you to begin a new business.

View the infographic below and learn:

• The cost to acquire a new street food van.

• The merits and demerits of setting up a food van.

• Tips to convert your own van so that it can be used to serve street food.

• The success stories of people in this industry

Just take your first step to becoming a street food van vendor with the help of this graphic today…

Street food van vendors (1)

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Published on: September 6, 2016

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