The Secret of Affordable Cars

Not all of us can afford the newest models of cars. New cars can be very expensive and can stretch your budget to its limit. Finding affordable cars can be tricky and there are many boxes that need to be ticked before you make a purchase.

Ultimately, you need a car that is reliable but also comfy, practical and affordable. Whether you look at the option of taking out a bank loan to finance your purchase or look on the second hand market, affordable cars hold many secrets. Here are a few of them:

They can be just as reliable as expensive cars

The Ford Fiesta is well known all over the globe as both a reliable and affordable vehicle. This car has great specs, reaching 40mpg on open roads and 29mpg around the city, whilst comfortably accommodating four people. Manufactured by a top brand with plenty of years’ experience, the Fiesta is testament to how affordable cars aren’t necessarily lacking in quality.

They can be incredibly attractive

Affordable cars don’t compromise on style either and the Hyundai Accent is the perfect example of this. The interior of this car offers great styling and is extremely attractive, with smooth lines and a crisp appearance. You can expect to reach 40mpg on the open road and about 30mpg in the city too so efficiency is up-to-speed too.

They can be iconic

There is a subtle difference between an attractive car and an iconic car and just because a particular model boasts a lower price tag doesn’t mean it can’t be iconic. Take the Fiat 500, for example; everybody recognises this fantastic vehicle thanks to its distinctive shape and compact dimensions. A choice of interesting colour options from the Italian manufacturer provides plenty of scope for customisation and different trim levels help to elevate the interior and make this car truly iconic.

They are still incredibly safe

Whilst you will expect the lower price of some cars to indicate substandard materials or construction, the truth is that an affordable vehicle can be just as safe as any other vehicle.

Typically, prices vary between car models based on their trim level, with additional entertainment systems and creature comforts bumping up the price. The use of more luxurious materials can also influence cost, but that doesn’t mean a cheaper vehicle uses shoddy fabrics or is uncomfortable.

When it comes to safety, all cars undergo extensive NCAP testing to determine how safe they are for drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Some of the most affordable cars on the market perform exceptionally well in these tests, so if you’re evaluating the safety of a vehicle, always look at the NCAP rating over the price tag.

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Published on: May 15, 2013

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