The Return of Diesel Auto Racing Trend

Speed has always attracted millions of people around the world and therefore since the inception of automobile industry there are car developers and makers that have always experimented with the models that they create to infuse better handling and speed into their vehicles. Most people would argue that gasoline cars are better equipped with better engines that can deliver the kind of speed that is required on track but trends are changing and many car makers are now trying to experiment the same speed with diesel engines that can offer greater competition.

The concept of diesel auto racing is quickly becoming reality as more and more car companies are trying to incorporate better technology that they can combine with diesel engines. Some of the recent auto racing events are won by diesel engine vehicles because of the fuel efficiency that they provide and bring to the scenario. Many automakers believe that they still need to work on the performance of the diesel engine to deliver better diesel performance. With better technologies incorporated in the vehicle diesel powered cars are rising up the charts in Indy racing and in various auto events around the globe.

Some automakers believe that the diesel engine weigh too much and therefore a better way to cut down the overall weight of the car is to incorporate lightweight materials for the body of the car. New high strength steel are now available to car makers around the world that have high performance but they are extremely lightweight and they help manufacturers to cut down the overall weight of the diesel powered car. Some of the top manufacturers like Volkswagen and Chevrolet are already experimenting with some of their sedans and sports car that will be launched in the diesel version but will provide better speed options.


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The rising fuel prices have also been one of the main reasons why diesel engine cars are back in action. While most people are not aware of the fact that diesel cars have dominated the Indianapolis 500 as early as 1931 and the trend is back once again because car makers would like to offer something better to the car buyers around the world. With the new diesel engines that are being made car makers have the liberty to show the world that diesel engines do have the diesel performance that most car buyers would look out for. The engines offer great speed and fuel economy that most car buyers would agree with.

Some of the top diesel cars like Audi A4 B7 3.0 TDi Quattro have managed to gain the attention of the car buyers that would like to deliver better speeds with the diesel engine that is incorporated in it. This car has the capability to produce 252 bhp and 243 lb feet of torque and can spring zero to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds which is almost on par with some of the best petrol powered cars. Hence, it offers a better alternative to the buyers around the world where they want to cut down the cost without compromising on the speed and performance of the car.

Car experts today believe that diesel engine cars can perform better than the regular petrol engine cars can accelerate quickly but they lose speed over a period of time in the race. On the other hand, diesel engine cars are not too quick when it comes to acceleration but they have the capability to maintain the speed once it is achieved which helps them to win the race. On the other hand, most diesel car engines are low maintenance cars which offer some savings to car companies.

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