True Beauty Resides in The Porsche 911 R

The Porsche 911 R was the talk of the town at the recent Geneva Motor Show, and rightfully so.

Everyone at the Geneva Motor Show sat patiently and glared mesmerized at the new 2016 Porsche 911 R, as though it was almost too good to be true. If I was to call it slick, I would be downplaying its true beauty. Then when Porsche announced the base price would be $184,000, not a single person fussed or even questioned the price point. Why? Because when you have something as close to perfect as this vehicle—well you really can’t find a thing to complain about.

When you approach the Porsche 911 R, you will quickly notice the body frame, it is wider and lower to the ground, it looks well balanced and confident. It shared a platform with the GT3 states engineers working for Porsche. Porsche describes the vehicle as such; “purisitic sports car in classical design” and an “unfiltered driving experience”.

Porsche has always been a strong believer that they wanted to create vehicles to celebrate the driver and shower the driver with glee filled experiences. Yes, it is a luxury vehicle and a beautifully designed sports vehicle—but their real goal has always been to provide pleasure to the driver. It is safe to say that Porsche has always been successful in that regard, and continues to do just that with the introduction of their 2016 Porsche 911 R. Yet again they have always done their due diligence to provide this same level of experience for all of their vehicles in their lineup, Len Stoler Porsche of Maryland states.

This gracious vehicle has really sparked sort of a “fairy tale” as a Forbes contributor mentions in his detailed, descriptive and very intimate experience with this vehicle. Michael Harley does a remarkable job filling us in on every facet of the new 911 R, as he walks around the entire vehicle, providing a novels worth of descriptive content so you as the reader truly get a grasp of this vehicles marvel.

As Harley continues to write, even as a renown automotive enthusiast he is confident in stating he has never experienced a vehicle like the 911 R. As he puts it creatively, “a sports car engineered to stimulate, embrace, and intoxicate drivers who crave the opportunity to enjoy an open road”.

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Published on: June 23, 2016

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