The New BMW i3 Can be Controlled by Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App is another instance of controlling a car distantly. I earlier had a glimpse of this technology in a news update of Consumer Electronics’ Show (CES) 2014. Although, the concept was a bit unclear at that time, the video released by BMW USA News has elucidated the entire mechanism on how this technology would work. Let me enlighten you with it.

The concerned video explains the connectivity between the Samsung Galaxy Gear and BMW i3, where Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smart watch running with Android 4.3. On this watch is installed BMW i Remote App which can directly connect the watch to car. BMW i3 on the other side is the first zero emissions mass-produced electric vehicle.

As shown in the video content, Samsung’s smart watch can efficiently be used to acquire the valuable information for the BMW vehicle and give instructions to perform activities remotely. Although the Android application is developed by BMW, Samsung Electronics should also be cherished to show the efficient use of its small tech gadget after it received negative comments in the first appearance.

New BMW i3

As BMW i3 has a complete electric powertrain, charging its battery would still be a major concern. BMW i Remote App makes it easy to obtain useful information from the vehicle, like percentage of battery remaining, mileage, and status of doors, windows, and sunroof.

You can just connect to the internet and send instructions like destinations. It also allows you to warm up or cool down the vehicle, without even watching it.

BMW has not only set a benchmark of mass-producing zero emissions electric car, but also the capability of easily controlling it.

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Published on: January 27, 2014

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