The Never Ending Demand for Landrovers

Automobile have changed the way we move from one place to other. Hence, today we are more dependent on automobiles that can help us to move quickly across places. Although, most cars are designed to move on good flat concrete roads, there are vehicles that are designed to take you off the road and provide you with an experience that you might never think of. Landrovers are really popular with those who love to take their driving skills to next level and they need something that can be driven on the road as well as off-road.

Landrovers are tough cars that can take on any driving challenges that normal cars could not and therefore landrovers are loved by those who love adventures and who need cars that can take on any terrain on the planet. There is no doubt that landrover was inspired by American World War 2 Jeep but it still remains to get the same kind of popularity as in the past. You will still see landrover for sale on various websites and in many automobile stores across the world because there are still many buyers who are ready to buy this tough vehicle.

The first landrover was designed in 1947-48 and it was designed to be one of the toughest vehicle that has unmatched strength and durability. Landrovers still have the same kind of features and they have the power to drive on some of the toughest terrain on the planet. However, landrovers today are bit sophisticated because automobile manufacturers who make landrovers have added some great technology to it. The original landrover vehicle was designed by Maurice Wilks who was the Chief Designer at the Rover Company. Since landrover vehicles were inspired from military jeeps most of the landrovers in the past had military green color on it which clearly stated that the car is ready to dominate any terrain on the globe.

However, somewhere in 1950s and 60s people began to feel the need for personal vehicles that can match the strength and durability of landrover and Land Rover Company decided that they would make some changes to their vehicle and better stability and tighter turning circle was introduced to the list of features. As time fly by more and more personal features were added to the landrover vehicle making it more refined and efficient.

If you take a quick look at the timeline of landrovers, the company initially came up with Series 1 that had 1.6 liter petrol engine that could produce 50 horsepower. However, few years down the line Land Rover launched Series 2 in 1958 where they used 2.25 liter petrol engine that could produce 72 horsepower. The company launched Series 2A and 2B in the following years and finally launched Series 3. The Range Rover is one of the most popular landrover vehicle that is still in demand on the basis of comfort and performance. Most of the landrover models are still available in the market due to heavy demand by buyers who prefer something more substantial than just a car.

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Published on: November 24, 2011

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