The Magnificent 2014 Jaguar XJ

In a February customer newsletter, Jaguar Land Rover introduced the specifications of highly sophisticated cars including the likes of the F-type and the C-X17. In all their new inventions, the car that made me feel like setting up a test drive with them was none other than the superbly endorsed 2014 Jaguar XJ.

The XJ model, which was launched in year 2009, has so far made headlines in famed car journals and media houses such as Car UK and its features is what spices the eyes of its numerous admirers.

The car, as displayed below is the first in Jaguar’s line-up to in its introduction of downsized engines.

The Jaguar XJ boasts a V6 335bhp supercharged engine with fuel specifications of only 3.0-litre. This replaces the 5.0 378bhp version, making an impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from a marvelous 269g/km to a lower 224g/km.

Jaguar’s tradition of instilling extreme sporty and luxury touches in their cars has been detailed in this new invention going by the name of Jaguar XJ. It also comes with the highly adorable ZF 8-speed gearbox that is fully automated. The V6 high performing engine is better than the previous V8 engine due to the curvature in the flat torque, increase in magnitude and its extremely appealing width. This V6 engine provides a voice, unlike the modern premium manufactured cars that have a near-silent sound.

When I got a near look at this modern touch of class machine, I marveled about its satisfying and sleek purr emitted by the engine yet it was at idle state.

The slow roaring sound it produces gives a slight hint of a supercharger whine resting in the well laid background and furthermore; this 8-speed gearbox blends well with the V6 engine to yield an instantaneous response than many modern cars. Its high performance on the road is due to a slugging, but very powerful mid range that includes a finishing of more than 5000 revolutions per minute(rpm). Now, with such properties, what car outdoes the XJ?

Jaguar XJ

According to, the car sells between $64,250 and $155,895 and has a total performance of this car cannot be satisfying until you get a lasting experience of its blend of class and power behind its wheel. Its poise, balance and steering response in the road comes in a somewhat total fascination with the subtleties of a well thought-out architectural design of the contemporary automobile.

What I adore about this car is the fact that it is truly easy to drive, while having a complex exterior, an aspect that instills true inspiration and a feeling of a great engineered achievement to any driver giving it a test drive.

The XJ’s suspension has also been modified to bring support of a balanced equation on the low weight V6 powerhouse.

More to that is the newest invention of its sound system that is of 825W Meridian nature, only found in Jaguar’s top two 2014 car models.

Such a subtle features in the XJ with V6 standing on the leader board, showcases Jaguar’s unique grasp of a rare concoction of a sturdy smoother ride with impressive body control.

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