The EV Market of the Norway gets the Revolutionary Supercharger Tesla Model “S”

The Tesla S model made its way to the Europe and will represent the new and most advance charging technology that will charge the Tesla S 20 times faster. The Tesla Motors launched its new and advanced European supercharger network that will energize the charging stations throughout the Norway. The technology enables the owners of the Tesla Model S to travel conveniently throughout the region. Norway is one of the cities having the highest rates of EV ownership all around the world. The installation of charging station in Norway encourages customers to switch to EV as then they would be able to recharge their vehicles whenever they need. This will not only help them in saving dollars on fuel but will also improve the environment because of zero CO2 emission.

Revolutionary Supercharger Tesla Model S

Most of the parts are covered by the Tesla Superchargers Network including Gol, Cinderella, Lyngdal, Dombas, Lillehammer and Aurland. With this network, the Tesla S owners would access a charging station on different routes and so approximately the 90 percent of the people in Norway lives within the 320 km range of these charging stations. The biggest fact about these chargers is they cost you nothing and provide you fast charging any time anywhere completely free. Though, installation of these chargers in an entire country is very costly but Tesla is the only auto maker that not only builds cars but also support their customers to take their time. These superchargers will charge the Tesla S EV completely within 20 minutes via special cables.

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Published on: September 5, 2013

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