Superior Interior Drives Pacifica Success

Everyone is talking about the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, not because of the hilarious commercial spots, but because of the interior features.

The interior of the Pacifica, which is replacing the Town & Country, is considered spacious and comfortable by almost everyone who has reviewed it so far. The upholstery is clean looking and feels great. But what really makes the interior stand out for this minivan is the simplicity of dials and buttons to control not just the climate, but audio and more.

Simplicity has always been a great way to engineer features. If you make things simpler for drivers, they will appreciate it that much more. That is why the voice recognition software and touch screen are so highly praised.
In terms of cargo capacity, the Pacfiica is nearly unmatched. Drivers can fold down both rows of passenger seating which opens the van up for a lot more storage, nearly making it compatible with a commercial van in terms of space.

Now for Entertainment Factor!

There are twin screens that are mounted on the back of each front seat, which provides passengers the opportunity to watch movies, play video games, but also listen to music with amble wireless headphone plugins. This is proving quickly to be a great feature in terms of entertaining children and even older passengers on even the longest of road trips.

Now let us not forget that the features don’t just reside on the simple but function able interior, there are a number of safety features that are likely to help ring in some awards claims Thompson Chrysler. There are 360-degree parking cameras, and front and rear parking assist with automatic breaking.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica could very well be the breath of fresh air that the Chrysler brand needed to bounce back from a year without much to celebrate.

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Published on: June 28, 2016

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