Spy Video of 2015 Ford Shelby GT500/SVT Cobra

The construction of the Shelby GT500 Mustang has been kept hidden from the media so far and only Ford knows about the tests it is carrying on the upcoming Mustang. I’ve found something news for you today; the manufacturer will replace the name ‘Shelby’ with a ‘Cobra’ model.

I got glimpses of the vehicle’s test drive that was conducted on public roads, and it is quite apparent that Ford’s engineers are working hard to offer us an ultra-modern car.  The first thing I felt was a throaty engine note. This could also be the new model of Mustang GT, and if this comes true, this is a huge exhaust note for GT Mustang. It makes me wonder if Ford would ever risk using such a quad-exhaust system in its extremely popular vehicle.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what version of Mustang it turns out to be. I’d love to hear your views after watching this video.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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