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Speaking your mind on UTVs, ATVs and Side x Sides | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Speaking your mind on UTVs, ATVs and Side x Sides

You may have been riding those things all your life, but when it comes to buying UTV or ATV, quality counts. Just test driving a rig around a parking lot isn’t going to help us in our decisions when it comes to buying these most practical and popular mid-power wheelers.

Before we move ahead on the topic, let us take a look at the difference between ATV and a UTV. The two vehicles might look similar but there are many differences too that make them distinct from each other. An ATV, is an all terrain vehicle is single-rider and used mainly as a racer, recreational vehicle or to move over a rough terrain. UTV, on the other hand is a utility task vehicle but is also known as side by side as two people can sit in. while both vehicles can be used to haul, the UTV looks more like a truck. Both vehicles have a low center of gravity for more stability and support a combustion engine. UTV riders can sit on side by side while the ATV rider will stand across the vehicle on a saddle.

People who drive side by side ATV may apply these vehicles for different reasons. They may be used off-road for forest work, competitions, leisure or any supply of services. Some of the popular events participated in by the owners of these UTV and side by side ATV are Smittys Suzuki Center Sales Event, Hunters Extravaganza, Sportsmans Expo, Stubbs Cycles Open House, Lebanon Valley Cycle Open House and Bedford Bennche Fall Open House. Accessories that are often used on UTV can also be used on side by side ATV such as storage bins and racks and winch.

There are almost no limits with the potential of these vehicles, provided you have the right tools and accessories. Some of the handiest accessories are dual-battery-systems, working lights, skid plates that help these vehicles to perform at a level of perfection and meet every need of yours. UTV and side by side ATV have long been associated closely with landowners and farmers as well as hunting. Thanks to the growth of technology, these modern high-powered machines often dominate the headlines of off-road publications. There is already news about if these vehicles can replace a tractor. Well, a well-equipped UTV could certainly carry all the tasks of a sub-compact tractor. Some popular models are the Gray Wolf 700 ATV, the Bighorn 700 UTV, the Bighorn 700 Crew UTV, the Bighorn 500 UTV, and the Bighorn 400 UTV etc.

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Published on: November 17, 2012

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