Should I buy or lease a car?

Looking for a new car is never an easy task. One thing that most people consider is whether to buy or lease a car. There are pros and cons for each and it can be a bit of a tricky decision for which to go for. Whether you decide to buy or lease your car, below will show you a few tips and advice to make the whole process that little easier.


There is nothing better than driving your brand new car off the forecourt for the very first time. That new car smell and sense of joy is a priceless moment. Buying a car can be a big decision for most people and can be a very costly purchase. The main benefit to buying a car is that you fully own it; this means you can make any changes you wish. Also once you have fully paid for the car you can sell it on in a few years’ time and get some of your money back to put towards a new car. Another benefit is that you won’t have any mileage limits, so you can drive until your heart is content.

If you have the money to pay the car off in full then you are in a good position. Most people will have to take some sort of finance. This can be rather expensive and requires a large deposit as a down payment. In fairness there are some good finance deals out there so it is always good to shop around. Also with car leasing click here you don’t have to pay for any maintenance which can prove to be very costly if you buy.

Car Leasing:

One of the bonuses of car leasing is that you can drive a car that you may not have been able to afford to buy such as a Mercedes lease. Also the biggest benefactor is that all the maintenance of the vehicle is usually taken care of. This means you won’t have the costs of an MOT or service which you would if you bought a car. Car leasing often has low monthly payments, a small deposit and the best thing is you can hand your car in after a few years and get a new one. A negative factor is that you don’t own the car and you have limited mileage limits.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. It all comes down to personal preference and your exact requirements. Make sure you look at what you need and do your research before making a decision. Whichever one you go for make sure you get one form a respected company such as Lease Cars Direct. This eliminates any chances of problems and guarantees a reliable service.

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