Used Renaults in the UK

Renault is one of the biggest manufacturers to feature on UK roads with a host of top quality cars being produced particularly from 1990 onwards.  In this era, Renault won a sprinkling of European Car of the Year Awards and their stock rose to record levels.  Renault would feature on our roads as new and used until the present.  Due to their market presence, the Renault is a fine second hand buy.

In the era leading up to the 90s it would be wrong to say Renault was in the wilderness due to marks such as the Renault 4, the Renault 5 and the Renault 9.  These are names that will resound with great nostalgia to many UK motorists.  The Renault 5 was a small hatchback that may not have the kudos of the Fiat 500 or the Mini but it did enjoy huge cult status.  Its functional 70s design was very much of its time but is often remembered with the same fondness as the likes of the Ford Capri:  Perhaps not classic cars, but cars that made their mark on motoring history.


It was the era that followed this that really advanced Renault’s cause.  The Clio would take over from the Renault 5 and go on to enjoy a period of success lasting to the present day.  The Renault Scenic represented an advance in conceptual car design, being a family car that shunned the van like attributes of its rivals and established itself as possibly the first Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV).

Saloons like the Renault Laguna and the Renault Megane also brought great sales success to the part government owned French firm.  Renault had hit its peak by around 2006 with the Megane and the Clio competing spiritedly in their respective categories.  Renault had fully cemented its place a stalwart of the UK’s roads and an abundance of their cars filter into the used car market.

The internet is a great resource for buying a used Renault Clio.  Due to their popularity, you can filter out the ones that suit your specifications less and short list your favourites.

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