5 Compelling Reasons To Buy A Hatchback

Buying a new car is a truly exciting moment for any driver. There are many questions that you need to ask yourself throughout the process. One of the most pertinent is choosing a body style.

All available options have their selling points. For the modern driver, though, choosing a hatchback is the obvious decision. Here are just five of the main reasons why.


Value For Money

The car is one of the biggest financial assets that any driver will ever buy. Moreover, vehicles play an integral role in our daily lives. Therefore, it’s vital that we seek good value for money. Many hatchbacks are the way to go.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for new or used. Both markets are packed with stunning deals in the hatchback arena. That has to be a huge selling point for taking the hatchback route.


Financial aspects are important. But every driver still deserves to enjoy their time behind the wheel. The best way to do this is with a car that looks and feels amazing. Hatchbacks like the Citroen C3 provide the perfect solution.

Of course, the performance aspects are crucial. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that looking great on the road enhances the relationship with a car too. With the right hatchback sitting on your driveway, the smile will never leave your face.


Cars have become an increasingly important part of our daily rituals, and can be used for a whole host of reasons. Quite frankly, the modern driver needs a car that can cater for both business and leisure.

The best hatchbacks find the perfect blend of offering enough space and comfort to suit family needs. Likewise, the style and luxury make it perfect for commercial needs too. Whether it’s city driving or motorway commutes, you can’t go wrong with a hatchback.

Why buy two cars when one will do?

Running Costs

Purchasing costs ensure that hatchbacks offer great value for money. But those financial rewards also extend to daily running too. Generally speaking, due to size, they can offer the same power as bigger cars with a smaller engine.

Furthermore, hatchback maintenance is easy. Take care of basic items like fluid levels, tyre pressure and windscreen wipers to keep the car in great health. Essentially, if you look after the hatchback, then it will repay you with small servicing fees. Combined with the cost-effective running, it has to be a winning option.

Slow Depreciation

No matter how great the car is, you’d be foolish to think one vehicle will last you forever. It might still work, but we all need a change as our lives evolve. So it’s important to think about the resale value. A number of hatchbacks hold value particularly well.

It would be foolish to enter the car buying arena without thinking about the future. In addition to all of the immediate benefits, this long-term reward cannot be dismissed. It could be the key to ensuring that your future vehicles are just as good as this one.

What more incentive could you need?

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Published on: January 25, 2016

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