Five Reasons Why You SHOULD Buy A Car With A Faulty Transmission

I know what you’re thinking. Most people would offer you tips and advice on how to avoid buying a faulty car. Especially a vehicle with a faulty transmission! But, today, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. You might not think it, but getting a car with a broken gearbox could be a brilliant idea!

Yes, I know the obvious fact is that you might not be able to drive the car if the fault is terminal. Still, it could benefit you in various ways to buy such a vehicle! Intrigued? Confused? Let me give you five reasons why it makes perfect sense:

1. The fault is an inexpensive repair job

If you want to get a car at an affordable price, it often makes sense to buy a model that’s less than perfect and fix it up yourself. You’ll save lots of money and stop a usable car from heading to the scrap heap!

A manual transmission might just need cleaning and a new clutch. An automatic may only need a new selector switch. Depending on the gearbox, both parts can get sourced at a low price.

2. A fluid and filter change could fix the problem

If the car in question has done lots of mileage, it’s likely it will need a fluid flush and refill. Both manual and automatic gearboxes use transmission fluid. On auto boxes, in particular, you might need to have the filters replaced as well.

To be honest, that’s usually a job for a transmission repair shop. But, the work isn’t expensive and can usually get done in a day.


3. You need a donor car

If you’ve got a car already, sometimes it’s easier to have a donor vehicle available for spare parts. The transmission on your car might be fine, but you might need other items for your pride and joy.

You could get an otherwise well-maintained donor car and take the parts you need from that one. When you’re done, you could sell the car on or scrap it and make your money back!

4. You’ve got a spare transmission

Are you in the market for a particular make and model? If so, buying one with a faulty transmission can be a good idea if you’ve got a spare gearbox!

As you can imagine, all you would need to do is fit your working transmission into the new car. You can then keep the car and use it, or sell it on and make a profit. You may also wish to repair the “dead” gearbox or sell it for spares or scrap metal!

5. You want to learn how to repair transmissions

Do you have an inquisitive mind? If so, you’re no doubt thinking about buying a “fixer-upper.”

I won’t lie to you: transmissions, especially automatic ones, aren’t always easy to repair. But, if you’re up for a challenge, buying a car with a faulty gearbox could be a brilliant idea!

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Published on: August 11, 2015

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