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Preferences of Car Buyers in 2012 | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Preferences of Car Buyers in 2012

With most car buyers turning to the online world to shop for their new car, many different trends have been recognized in these buyers. Most buyers are seeking efficient and economical vehicles for the most part, to not only save their money; but to make an effort towards protecting our ever endangered planet. There are many different trends arising within the car buyer audience, and here we have compiled some of the most common.

If you are one of these prospective buyers and are contemplating selling your car in order to purchase a new one, there are services like These services pay you for your car quickly, and pick it up shortly after. This is one of the quickest methods for selling your car; making it a perfect option if you need to catch the tail end of a clearance.

Types of Power

Instead of regular gasoline, many are turning to diesel powered engines. A diesel engine can go much further per gallon on average, and it is also much safer for the environment. It burns cleaner, and leaves smaller carbon footprints. Gasoline is much more refined, and contains many additives.

Image Credit: wikimedia

Electrical vehicles have slowly been creeping into the dealership scene, as there are a few drawbacks with electric vehicles. These types of vehicles are the best option when it comes to saving money on fuel and sparing the environment. They are very clean and only need a battery charge to operate. Unfortunately, many fuel stops have yet to offer recharge stations, making it difficult to recharge your vehicle’s battery when stopping. Even if this type of recharge station was available, many batteries take several hours to recharge; making an electric vehicle a bad idea for longer commutes or trips.

Currently, hybrids are one of the most popular and favored vehicles. They use much less fuel, and combine both traditional gasoline engines and electric engines. There are many different models that are offered as hybrids, as customers find these to currently be the best option. Currently, fully electrical vehicles still need plenty of improvements, and have yet to truly be welcomed by the economy. Therefore, hybrids are currently the next best until the electric vehicles are perfected.

Compact Is In

Contrary to past demands, customers are now looking for compact vehicles. They cost less to operate and maintain, and generally come with a lower price tag. Since smaller vehicles tend to have less power, they in turn burn less fuel. This is very alluring to modern car buyers, turning them away from larger vehicles unless they are buying vehicles for work related use.

Image Credit: wikimedia

Classic Vehicles: Always a Hit

Classical automobiles will always be popular. They tend to be hard to find, and are very tempting for car collectors. As time forces on, these vehicles will only become even more collectable and sought after. Since they tend to have a higher price, many have to wait until later in life to be able to afford one; which only raises the demand for these highly valued vehicles.

Image Credit: wikimedia

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