Porsche Panamera is Head Turner at 2011 Motorist Choice Awards

Although, there is a huge demand for small cars, but the demand for premium vehicle is also on the rise. Recently at the 2011 Motorist Choice Awards the 2011 Porsche Panamera bags the top Head Turner award in the premium vehicle category. The Motorist Choice Awards is certainly among the prestigious awards in the automobile sector and it gets combined analysis from AutoPacific and IntelliChoice which looks out for various categories like high consumer satisfaction and low ownership costs to decide who will win the award. The Motorist Choice Awards is further divided into 15 different categories and provide awards to some of the best cars from around the world.

This year the event was held at the Orange County International Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center in California where the winners were announced. Porsche is really excited that they have won the award because in 2010 it was Porsche again that won the award for Best Premium Active Lifestyle Vehicle for the Porsche Cayenne and Best Sports Car for Porsche 911. George Peterson, President of AutoPacific said that both AutoPacific and IntelliChoice make sure that the consumers get the best cars. He also revealed that their surveys have shown that consumers have different demands and therefore they have split the event into 15 different categories.

IntelliChoice on the other hand said that they are very particular about the value and cost of the vehicles that are available in the market and they always provide better options to the buyers to get the cars that they need.

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Published on: September 28, 2011

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