Porsche Celebrates 40 Years of Design Studio

Porsche has been named one of the most popular car makers around the globe today but the concept of Porsche Design is almost forty years old and it all began in the 1972 in Stuttgart where Ferdinand Alexander Porsche decided to come up with the Porsche Design Studio which was then relocated to Zell Am See in Austria two years later. Porsche has now made an announcement that they are going to come up with an exhibition from November 13 to February 17 2013 where museum visitors can experience how the products were designed and how the studio came into existence.

Porsche Design Studio said that over the years they have always focused on developing better luxury brands for the consumers. The company said that they will have Chronograph One which is the world’s first black timepiece. The company said that it created lot of buzz in that year because it was something that was unseen and unthinkable in the year 1972. The company also announced that various other accessories and eyeglasses range will be on display as well. The grand piano created by Bosendorfer piano factory in the year 2003 will also be available for display for more than million customers.

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Published on: November 15, 2012

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