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  • July 2, 2016 • Autos News, Hyundai

    Hyundai Showcases Eco Model Elantra
  • August 21, 2015 • Autos News, Lamborghini, Supercars

    Lamborghini Unveiled Latest Supercar at the Quail Motor Show
  • August 21, 2015 • Autos News

    Australia’s incredible Solar panel-powered EVX Immortus
  • June 9, 2015 • Autos News

    Rowan Atkinson gets £8 Million for his thrashed McLaren F1 Supercar
  • May 25, 2015 • Audi, Autos News, Supercars

    Audi Unveils its new Self-driving R8 e-tron in Shanghai

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Quick and Simple Auto Paint Repair

September 30, 2017 • Auto Tips and Guides

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Audi News and Reviews

Audi Unveils its new Self-driving R8 e-tron in Shanghai

May 25, 2015 • Audi, Autos News, Supercars

Yes, now you can reply to important emails, update your blog or upload selfies on Facebook while you are on road driving your car and this is

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Ballin’ On A Budget: The Cheapest And Best Luxury Cars To Buy

January 20, 2016 • Auto Tips and Guides, Top Autos

If you are a car lover, you want the best and most beautiful cars on the market. The thought of driving around in a Bentley or BMW is enough to send

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What to know about brake rotors and pads

It doesn’t get all the coverage that things like engines, turbos and hot exhaust systems do but the brakes on your car are performance items too.  Think about it, after you have invested in all the performance upgrades to make your car go fast, what good is it if it doesn’t stop fast! With help the service department at Legacy Jeep of Island City, a local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer in Island City, OR, we will look at the various options you have when you are upgrading your brakes or just performing a routine brake job.

What level of performance are you looking for?

Are you looking to perform a standard brake job on your regular car or a performance upgrade? In either case, the two main components you want to consider are the pads and rotors. Lets look at both.

Brake Pads

Your brake pads are the devices that squeeze the brake rotors and slow them down.  The problem is they wear down over time and need to be replaced.  The brake pads are what a mechanic generally does when doing a brake job.  Brake pads are categorized into 3 main groups:

1)    Ceramic – These higher cost pads are a performance option for most vehicles. Ceramic pads provide more stopping power than the other types of brake pads while being extremely quiet. They tend to last a long time also.

2)    Semi-metallic – This is a mid-range option as far as cost and durability. These pads will last a long time because of metallic threads embedded in them.

3)    Non-metallic – These are your standard pads. They are inexpensive and perform well but usually don’t last very long.  One complaint that frequently comes from people that go with the non-metallic pads is that they tend to shed a lot of brake dust and make the wheel rims dirty.

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are the flat circular iron discs that are part of a disc brake system. At one time disc brakes were somewhat exotic but today they are factory equipment on most cars. If you have alloy wheels on your car, you may be able to see the brake rotors through the spokes. They are the shiny metal surfaces you see. As your car accumulates miles, the rotors on your car will wear down and develop grooves. When they get too thin, they should be replaced. Here are your options.

1)    OEM – These rotors will generally be your lowest cost option and are what most vehicles are equipped with from the factory. They are commonly made of iron. OEM style rotors will have a flat surface and can either come solid or internally vented.

2)    Slotted – Slotted rotors have shallow channels engraved on the surface of the rotor. These channels help to dissipate heat and allow water to flow off the rotor surface. Slotted rotors do, however, cause pads to wear down a little more rapidly.

3)    Drilled – Drilled rotors are built for performance applications. These rotors have dozens of holes drilled through them to maximize heat dissipation. They have a nice performance look to them too.

Bet you didn’t know there were so many options for brake pads and rotors!  That being said, don’t be intimidated by the choices, your local dealer or mechanic can help you decide which is best for you’re your car.

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How “suicide doors” survived

January 30, 2017 • Autos Articles • Views: 705

Porsche recently made news by announcing that they are working on the Mission E, an extremely high performance electric car (EV) with dozens of state-of-the-art features. One feature that is decidedly not state-of-the-art, though, is the rear “suicide doors.”  For those who aren’t familiar


Your Autobody Checklist

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Autobody Checklist Here’s something you don’t hear very often: “I had a accident with my car but it was cheap to fix.” No matter how minor any accident is, it always seems to be expensive to repair. Sometimes very expensive.  We asked Ada Dodge of Ada, a local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram

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How to stay safe when driving in wintry conditions New research published by comparison website has revealed that a quarter of motorists have either been involved in an accident or had a near-miss behind the wheel in poor conditions. Amanda Stretton, the motoring editor at

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The popularity of the street food is going up since few years. The term street food has an increase of about 80 per cent in its search volume between 2014 and 2016. The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation says that according to their recent surveys, around 2.5 billion people eat

Keep the wheels of your car in check

August 18, 2016 • Auto Tips and Guides • Views: 3845

If someone calls the current times in which we live a time of hastiness and obsession, then I’m sure that a lot of people would agree with this statement, wholeheartedly. Life has become so fast paced it seems that if you stop to take a breath or to appreciate your surroundings, you are going to


3 Signs That You’d Make A Great Mechanic

August 3, 2016 • Auto Tips and Guides • Views: 1173

If you made it here, then it’s safe to assume that you absolutely adore cars. When there’s nothing more pressing happening, your mind automatically strays towards gorgeous body kits, gnashing pistons and burning rubber. With this kind of passion, have you ever thought of making a living from

Hyundai Showcases Eco Model Elantra

July 2, 2016 • Autos News, Hyundai • Views: 1700

Hyundai’s 2017 Elantra will focus on eco-friendliness but with new designs. The all new Hyundai Elantra has faced a complete redesign for the 2017 model year, and there is high praise already surfacing for their Eco model which is anticipated to provide industry leading fuel-economy. Just another

Bad Boys What You Going to Do When a RAM Truck Chases You Down?

July 2, 2016 • Ram • Views: 981

2016 RAM Hemi Police Truck Revealed Ram will be offering two great choices for their new law enforcement lineup. At one end you will have the 2016 Ram 1500 police truck—also known as the Special Service truck. This truck will include a 5.7-liter HEMI with nearly 400 horsepower and lb-ft of