Nissan’s Innovative Co-creation process at the Tokyo Motor show is expected to produce Virtual Reality Concept Car Images

Customer’s buying behavior and preferences are changing rapidly due to a change in their lifestyle and priorities. Even, the way of buying cars is also changed and so today only color choices and matching rims can no longer attract them. Due to rapidly changing lifestyles, cars are now purchased as reflection and so the car manufacturers should revolutionize the designs of future models. Nissan unveiled its two new IDX Freeflow and IDX NISMO Concept cars for which the company used the visionary co-creation strategy in which the company invited global drivers’s community and car enthusiasts to help Nissan to shape a new design for a new future car. Nissan’s IDX Freeflow is a simple, laid-back and decent whereas the IDX NISMO is looking like a fast forward race machine straight out from a game or science fiction movie.

Nissan IDx Virtual

Both IDX models are just the beginning of the co-creation however, it is expected to be innovative and appealing. Nissan made a partnership with AKQA, a digital agency to develop a virtual world at the Tokyo motor show that will allow the visitors of the show to co-create their own innovative and distinctive designs. The new virtual world is powered by a fast forward Oculus’s Virtual Reality Technology. At the Nissan’s stand, IDX kiosk was the top notch and very popular one and the new IDX NISMO is expected to be the second enthusiastic  feature at Nissan stand.

3D goggles

To enter the experience, each user will be required to put on 3D goggles to start the co-creation journey. Throughout the journey, the users will go through a series of 3D options to choose from that will represent the desires and wants of a user that he/she would like to experience as a driver. Nissan IDX is just like a canvas where car enthusiasts are invited to draw their own dream car. Nissan Global Head of Digital strategy, DeLu Jackson commented, “At Nissan, we are always looking for the most innovative and engaging ways of delighting our customers. From the external design of our vehicles to the quality and feel of the materials within, to the technology we use to enhance the driving experience, innovation is what drives us. Our presence at motor shows and customer-facing forums is no different; we want to use groundbreaking technologies innovatively to delight existing and new customers of our brand.”

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