Nissan ZEOD Racecar will Debut with All-New DIG-T R Engine at Le Mans

Motorsport fanatics from around the world have already been looking ahead for 2014 Le Mans, however, the eagerness just ascended after Nissan unveiled DIG-T R engine for the upcoming event. First time in the history of Le Mans, Team Nissan will race its first lap using electric power. You must be thinking of what would happen next. The first lap will be completed with a electric motor, then the second lap will be taken over by a 1.5 liter three-cylinder turbo engine.

Unbelievable but true, Nissan DIG-T R is able to generate up to 400 horsepower of heat and 380 Nm of Torque, enabling the car to outpace its competitors at France. It is for sure that all eyes will be set on ‘Garage 56’ at Circuit de la Sarthe, which will be occupied by Team Nissan.

Nissan Unveils Revolutionary Engine to Complement Electric ZEOD

The all-new DIG-T R weighs not more than 40 kg and is 19.68” X 15.74” X 7.78” in overall volume. These are undoubtedly too small figures for a race track, but the promised ratio of 10 horsepower per kilogram surpasses the capacity of new engines to be used in 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

ZEOD_EngineThis new development by the Japanese motor engineering is associated with another vital fact. Nissan has reached this ground-breaking technology with the assistance of French Total Lubricants, as such power generation was not possible without right type of fuel and lubricants. This strategic partnership between Nissan and Total explains why Nissan chose Le Mans for the first revelation of the new engine.

The authorities have stated this invention as to be entrenched in ZOED RC. Revealed for the first time at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013, this will be the only racecar at Le Mans running on a battery. Such new developments followed by globally acclaimed Nissan LEAF prove how Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is working round the clock to make further enhancements in to its zero-emission technologies.

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