New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Every year, we follow the same old tradition of making New Years resolutions, and then cross our fingers that we will follow through on the expectations we set for ourselves. These resolutions usually have to do with what we hope to achieve in our personal life, of habits we want to change to benefit ourselves. What if this year we took it a step further and thought of ways we could change to encourage a happier, better behaving and more manageable vehicle? Here are some ideas to make your driving experiences better in 2015.

Resolve to clean out your car more often! Keep a plastic grocery bag in your car for trash – this will encourage easy, weekly cleaning-fests, and you can luxuriate in the cleaner smell and overall nicer environment that your daily commute will now provide. Not only that, but depending on the extent of your pack-rat mentality, you may find a difference in your fuel efficiency when your car is no longer home to bags of three year old kitty litter, and boxes of books you have been planning to donate for months.

Check your tire pressure monthly! It is so easy to forget to look at your tires, but the difference a leaking tire can make to your overall drive is incredible.  The lower the tire pressure, the more your tires have to work to perform their intended job, causing more fuel to be burnt and more money thrown out the window. Keep a cheap tire pressure gauge in your car for quick checkups, and you will see a difference not only in fuel efficiency but also in how often you find yourself replacing those costly tires.

Work on yourself by working on your driving! When you are stressed, you may find your driving habits reflect the aggression you may be feeling. Quick stops and starts and speeding are not only unsafe driving techniques, but this sort of driving also encourages far more wear and tear on your and cause frequent gas fuel ups. Put a lavender scented air freshener in your car; it will calm you down when you are tense, and will leave you feeling refreshed. A calm, steady, defensive driving technique will keep you safer and your vehicle will also thank you for it.

The most important part of making resolutions is the follow through. It is much easier to say that you are going to do something than to actually do it, so break the mold and get out there. There is nothing that feels better than checking a completed goal off the list.

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Published on: January 21, 2015

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