New Toyota Scion Proves Cars Can be Smart And Fun

A Look at New Toyota Scion


If you’re looking for a car that is fun to drive and cost friendly, look no further. You should head down to your local dealership and check out a Toyota Scion today. But that’s not all this car has to offer. In fact, we think it’s got the whole package. Let’s zoom through our review to check out the best features of this brilliant new car.

Spacious For Your Comfort

We hate seeing coup cars that have no space. We get it; they’re designed to be a sports car. But that doesn’t mean that kids should be crammed into the back like sardines. We want the car to have some room to stretch out. We want leg space and all that is possible with this coup. You’ll find the back seats are bigger than you might imagine they could be. While that doesn’t make this the perfect family car, it’s a contender for that title.


You should not face too many breakdowns with this car if any at all. It has an excellent reliability rating that Toyota should be proud of. That’s not true for all the new cars on the market. In fact, some of the latest models will be in the garage more than they’ll be out on the road.


For style, the car has got plenty to offer. While Toyota has been recycling the same design for a while now, there’s good reason. It still looks modern, futuristic and fits in well with life today. We particularly love the jagged, sharp grill at the front. But the whole car looks like it was ripped from a science fiction movie and we love that.

Inside the story is no different. In fact, this year you can get a model with a touchpad control system and a button for the engine. The seats are plush and luxurious. You won’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable in the morning traffic driving this speedster. Inside, it’s also got a great speaker system which will come in handy for one important reason.


We can’t review a car without mentioning a few disadvantages, and unfortunately, this car does have some. While we love the inside aesthetic of the car, you’re going to get quite a bit of noise pollution. You can drown this out with the top notch speakers, though. Besides, we know some people like hearing the car roar.

Then there’s the fuel. While Toyota has produced some excellent eco-friendly cars, this isn’t one of them. We can only hope the situation improves when they release another model next year. For now though you can pick up this model at any Toyota dealership.

Toyota have still produced a great car here. It’s fun to drive, and it can be purchased for under twenty thousand. That’s an absolute steal compared to the current competition. While it does have it’s negative points the Scion is still a great purchase. You’ll get a vehicle that looks stunning with a lot more space than you’d usually find in a coup. This car comes recommended.

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Published on: April 26, 2016

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