Can You Be Taken Seriously in the New Smart Cars?

Let’s be honest, the last generation of Smart cars, despite being made under the Daimler AG group, were never the most grown up of vehicles. They sold well however, with a certain degree of charm getting them onto peoples’ driveways. Despite this, build quality was never that great, looks were divisive, and the engines were rather unrefined. Now however, we’ve got a new generation ForTwo hoping to dive right into the action alongside the likes of the Fiat 400 and Vauxhall Adam (although this is smaller than either). Is this a car you can be taken seriously in?

Stylish Appointment

As with many of the latest superminis, the latest Smart ForTwo comes with a dizzying array of design options, so you can have it look however you wish. Crucially, styling to begin with is pretty good, and there’s certainly a hint of Mercedes’ design language in there. Despite the car’s tiny size, it’s unlikely anyone will think you’re driving anything other than one of the latest trendy superminis. There’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about here, and with stylish alloys and a variety of other highlights on offer, this is a genuinely good-looking car. There are Brabus options if you’re really looking to go all-out.


General refinement was the main drawback of the last ForTwo, and you’ll be very pleased to know that Smart have made major strides in this area. The car is comfortable to be in, the engines don’t sound like they’re struggling anymore, and some of the top-spec models are very well appointed indeed.

A Premium Supermini?

The only real downside to all of these improvements is that the car isn’t exactly cheap compared to other options, especially given the fact that you’ve only got two seats. This does sort of push the latest Smart cars into the premium end of things, which could be seen as both a negative and positive, depending on how you think. It does match up nicely in terms of cost with the Vauxhall Adam though – take a look at Ridgeway for some example pricing.

To conclude, we think that the newest ForTwo is a pretty good car, and should no longer be shunned by those who don’t think it’s a proper set of wheels. If you’re looking for something small, frugal, trendy and well appointed, then there aren’t many better options than this.

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Published on: May 12, 2015

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