New Citroen DS3 embodies ‘Creative Technologie’

According to South African based Automobiles Citroen Company, Citroen has decided to employ master moves in launching their limited edition model, the DS3 Dark Rose.

The Citroen’s DS3 Dark Rose was launched in the year 2011 has so far received more than 50,000 orders and embodies the pleasure that comes with driving a luxury car. The DS3 also identifies itself with new age innovation and technological advancement that yields exceptional power, comfort and pleasure in car models.

New DS3 Dark Rose Ltd. Edition

The video of DS3 Dark Et Rose which was posted in YouTube by Citroen France Company displays a highly sophisticated automobile set to revolutionize the auto world and boast the Citroen’s ‘Creative Technologie’ slogan.

The concept DS3 design boasts a new suspension system that is extremely comfortable and dynamic to give its drivers an exhilarating driving experience. Its new shock absorbers, which have been engineered to dampen oscillation, weaken the effect caused by potholes and bumps while driving, offering drivers a smoother and relaxed drive.

The DS3 Dark Rose has a preloaded linear valve (PLV), a current damping technological aspect that’s useful in reducing spontaneous shifts in damping force by activating the shock absorbers to yield a force curve of a linear damping fashion.

Such aspect only takes the finer details of a DS5 into account and improves it with an enhanced feel. The model also has a new Blue HDi 180 engine which is powerful on the road and also observes eco-friendly affiliations due to its high reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 4%.

The DS3, which was presented by Alfred Hitchcock, also has classic features such as a 6-speed automatic gearbox, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and an Adblue additive in the 17-litre tank including other additional and fine features.

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Published on: March 19, 2014

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